Do you know advantages and disadvantages of eating garlic every day?

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Do you know advantages and disadvantages of eating garlic every day?

We all know that eating garlic every day is good for health.But do you know that garlic is dangerous also?Today we are going to discuss that what are the advantages and disadvantages of eating garlic every day.

advantages and disadvantages of eating garlic

Normally, garlic is used in increasing flavors in your food items, and also makes your food tastier too.It contains many beneficial properties also.

Garlic also has antibacterial, antiviral,anti-fungal and antioxidant properties that are very helpful to protect us in many harmful as well as common diseases.

Garlic gets popularity in whole over the world because of its health benefit property.Only because of this, garlic is used as medicine also from the ancient time.It has many ayurvedic benefits too.

Most of the people know garlic as a medicine also.And also is used as a spice in our daily food.But it’s smell sometimes irritates because it’s smell is so strong and bitter.

If you eat garlic regularly in your food or just a few cloves of garlic raw, it works as an interesting for your body.And if you use too much garlic than it will be dangerous.

Advantages and disadvantages of eating garlic

advantages and disadvantages of eating garlic

Let us see some of the effective advantages and disadvantages of eating garlic in details below:

Advantage of eating garlic in empty stomach

In many types of researchers, it is proved that the benefits of garlic should increase more if it can be taken on the empty stomach.And also works as a strong antibiotic for your body.It helps in digestion and improves hunger too.

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If you have the problem of tuberculosis, then it is the best remedy to eat garlic in empty stomach.Garlic is very much effective indigestion or stomach related problems.

One most important thing to be noted, you are going to know about the advantages of garlic, but you also have to know how to eat garlic and in what quantity.

We also discuss the disadvantages of eating garlic also later, if you eat more garlic in a day have some dangerous effects too.

advantages and disadvantages of eating garlic

Let’s first talk about how and in what quantity is good for eating garlic every day.

Why we eat garlic, most of the people know well but today we are going to share in what quantity of garlic is best for you every day.

At the beginning, you may have to decide that how you are going to eat garlic because most of the people don’t like to eat garlic directly.For them, it is important to eat garlic as a supplement.

If you want to eat raw garlic, then keep in mind not eat more than 2 garlic in a day.Because I think you know that excess use of anything dangerous. Before eating garlic, first, peel off and then crush it.

Crushing might make all the necessary components of the garlic active.If you are going to take garlic as a supplement, don’t use more than 2 garlic every day.

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Garlic is compulsory for your body daily, as you eat salt every day.Regular use helps your body from many diseases and can make activate your body metabolism.

If you don’t have any disease now, inspire you can eat garlic to protect your body from harmful diseases.Because you don’t know about the pollution or disease in your surroundings.

If is better to run to a doctor after having a disease, it’s better to protect youself before. Because a very popular quote, I remember that “Prevention is better than cure”.

Above we talked about how to use garlic every day.Now time to talk about advantages and disadvantages of eating garlic every day.

advantages and disadvantages of eating garlic

Garlic Reduces Blood Pressure

Most of the researchers found that garlic can decrease High blood pressure, especially crystal blood pressure.High Blood Pressure patients need to eat 2-3 garlic every day with an empty stomach.

If you don’t like its taste or smell, then you can take a glass of milk after eating garlic.You can take it as a supplement also.

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Helpful in Arthritis Pain

Rheumatoid arthritis patients have to take garlic every day.It is more beneficial in pains and other symptoms too that is found in researchers.It contains anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that are helpful in many arthritis cases.

Dial Diasphoid is also included in such that checks the harmful enzymes. For pain relief from arthritis or any other symptoms, you can include garlic in your daily diet, and try to use it with an empty stomach(as we discussed earlier).

Helps in improving Immunity

Garlic contains Vitamin C, B6, selenium, and manganese that are useful elements for your body.These elements provide the body a high-level energy and also manages body’s chemical composition.

In spite of that, it has anti-oxidants and anti-biotic properties that helps in building your immune system to protect your body from diseases.

Garlic is helpful in Cough and Cold

Garlic has anti-biotic and anti-viral goodness that makes garlic as medicine for cough and cold in winter seasons.In spite breathing related problems can be reduced by using garlic.
advantages and disadvantages of eating garlic
Garlic is also beneficial in some breathing problems like Asthama and Bronchities.It also decrease cough related problems.

Eating garlic only in food, it is better to take garlic supplement also.It will very beneficial in decreasing all the problems related cough and provides relief.

Feeling Bored?? The important parts are below, calm down and move on to the main facts of garlic….

Benefits of Garlic in Fungal Infections

Garlic has a strong anti-fungal goodness which is beneficial in fungal infections in your body. The most common example of fungal infection is Ringworms. (Do you have also??, if yes then this is for you?

Garlic fights with candida also.For the treatment of anti-fungal infections you must do:

Apply garlic oil or garlic gel on the affected area.

If you are suffering from mouth ulcers, apply garlic paste in mouth area affected by.

Include fresh raw garlic in your diet (not so hard, easy to do).

Benefits of garlic in the treatment of Allergies

As we talked, garlic has anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties that help in fighting types of allergies in your body.I personally have seen the effect of garlic in allergy.

In allergy seasons, the persons face allergy problems can be advised to include garlic in their diet.Garlic provides quick relieve from Rashes, insect bites or any other, apply garlic paste on the affected area is a better option for quick relief.

Garlic is helpful in Tooth PainHow To Remove Tarter And Plaque from Teeth naturally

For fast relief in tooth pain, you just need to apply garlic oil or crushed garlic on the affected tooth and it’s muscles nearby,(and done, so simple right??)

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Garlic is very helpful in Digestion

Garlic maintains your stomach ingredients to improve your digestion and digestive system.It produces gastric juice in your stomach that are helpful in digestion.

It also protects your chest from unwanted elements of the stomach (any guesses??) it is acidity, and heartburn and also protects your chest from many more.

But that doesn’t you eat too much garlic because too much can disbalance your system that will cause negative effects.Take care of it.

Garlic for Weight Loss

If you are going to use garlic for weight loss, then take it on an empty stomach.It will be the best way to allow garlic work fast and can reduce your weight very soon.

advantages and disadvantages of eating garlic
This process is the best home remedy for weight loss.(better than jogging,jumping or unnecessary exercise).Eating garlic with empty stomach gives quick results.

I know you are waiting for the disadvantages of eating garlic every day, as I was talking its advantages from the beginning.I know lot’s of questions is raising in your mind.

advantages and disadvantages of eating garlic

Let us clear your doubts and read disadvantages of eating garlic below.Have a look…

Here are the few disadvantages of eating garlic, these are only because if you like to eat too much garlic.I recommend that it’s not good and you have to decrease it from today and now,

Eating too much garlic can promote Vomiting, Gas, Loose motion, Bad odor from mouth, and bad odors from your body too.

If you have any of these problems like Stomach and digestion, then you should have to take garlic very carefully and in limited quantity.

It also works a blood thinner element in your body and can increase too much heat in your body. So, take care of it.

Using raw garlic can produces bad odor from your mouth and body.If you eat garlic every day and facing the problem then you can use mouth freshener for mouth and body spray for body.

A pregnant lady should have to avoid garlic supplement.

If you are preparing for any surgery or even just finished, then stop using garlic completely for at least 2 weeks before and after surgery, because it increases blood flow to the body.

Eating too much garlic is not good for your heart.If you eat more garlic in a day that means you are increasing your risk of heart attack in future.
 advantages and disadvantages of eating garlic
These are few disadvantages of garlic (not all),But it might not fit in every case.Just you have to take care of few things and most common is eat limited as we read earlier.

advantages and disadvantages of eating garlic

Now, at the end, we are going to a short note that How to eat garlic every day.

Here, we will know some intresting facts that make your garlic tastier and healthier.Have a look

Garlic can be used in many forms in your diet, to make it tastier and even include health benefits of garlic too.You can use garlic in the form of paste, powder or garlic with peels.

No need to use it too much in your home-made daily veg or non-veg items in spite of that you may take it in different forms…

Home-made Salsa – Salsa needs enough quantity of garlic.You can make it for you.

Lacto-Fermented – Nowadays, milk is consumed by everyone, so you can take it.

Butter Toast – You eat bread and butter in your breakfast (most people use it, sometimes mee too)

You can increase its taste by sprinkle garlic powder on it.

Pasta – You can use garlic paste or powder in homemade pasta or use it paste.

Garlic, lemon, honey tea – You had heard about ginger tea, in the same way, you can make garlic tea also.

Burn it on fire or coal – You may eat garlic by burning them on fire or coal, in ancient time it was used like this and according to Ayurveda, it is very effective and healthy.

Garlic Pickle – In India people makes garlic pickle and use it for a long time.

We should eat garlic more mostly in the winter season to protect yourself from some common diseases attacks mostly in winter.

So, it’s time to say goodbye today.Today we discussed advantages and disadvantages of eating garlic every day.

As we discussed well garlic is a very necessary ingredient for us but if it crosses it’s limit it becomes harmful.

So, it depends on you.I shared some knowledge about garlic and some from other sources.But before applying any remedy, it’s better to research more by yourself for more understanding.Share your reviews in the comment box.

I love to reply them.Be happy and healthy.

Vivek Guru

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[…] Do you know advantages and disadvantages of eating garlic every day?Do you know advantages and disadvantages of eating garlic every day?Do you know advantages and disadvantages of eating garlic every day? We all know that eating garlic every day is good for health.But do you… […]

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