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Health benefits and side effects of clove -uses of clove for health

Benefits and side effects of clove

Health benefits and side effects of clove – uses of clove for health

We are going to discuss many benefits and side effects of clove in this post,before that have a look at the content table below:


Health benefits and side effects of clove | Benefits of chewing clove | uses of clove for health

Cloves offer many health benefits, some of which include aiding in digestion, fighting against cancer, protecting the liver, boosting the immune system, controlling diabetes, and preserving bone quality.Today we will discuss that benefits and side effects of clove below:

They also contain anti-mutagenic and anti-microbial properties, along with fighting against diseases and headaches, while also displaying aphrodisiac properties.

What are cloves ?

benefits and side effects of clove

Cloves are one of the spices indigenous to Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Indonesia and area of East Africa.

benefits and side effects of clove

They are a popular flavoring agent used in a variety of ways across the world, particularly in Asia and cloves form a culinary base in a number of different Asian countries []

History of cloves

In the 16th and 17th centuries, cloves were well worth their weight in gold.In Indonesia, lots of people smoke clove cigarettes, which spilled into the United States for some time, but lost popularity when it was discovered that clove cigarettes might lead to an adult respiratory stress syndrome.

The term clove originates from the Latin word “clavus” this means nail.If you ever closely looked a clove you will observe that resembles a nail.

Throughout the history cloves haven’t been forgotten, however, has lost a few of its popularity.

People still utilize it as a spice and even more for the intended purpose of aromatherapy. Some people still consider cloves as a “traditional herb”.

Health benefits and side effects of clove and its uses

If we observe from the ancient history and from the home remedy treatments of cloves from our elders, I learn many things about health benefits and side effects of clove for our health.

Here, we discuss health benefits and side effects of clove for our health. Let see more below:

Clove For Diabetes

benefits and side effects of clove

Studies showed that daily eating of cloves may boost the insulin activity by three times, so keeping the blood sugar under control.Adding cloves in your diet can assist in even delaying the starting point of diabetes.

Clove For Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is one of the most annoying health concerns in pregnant women.

Nausea and vomiting is a typical morning sickness that the pregnant women experience in the first few months of pregnancy.

It really is good for treating morning hour’s sickness.Mix around ten grains of cloves with palm sugars and tamarind and then makes it into a good mixture with water.Just drink this twice daily as a highly effective treatment.

Clove for Premature Ejaculation

benefits and side effects of clove

According to researchers, cloves are very effective in premature ejaculation. But, these researchers need more time to know better and exactly how it should work.

What is Premature Ejaculation

Cloves are used as an aphrodisiac sometimes, cloves help men from getting orgasm prematurely.

Clove Benefits For Headache

benefits and side effects of clove

Headaches can be reduced by using cloves. Make a paste of few cloves and mix it with a dash of rock salt.Add this to a glass of milk. This mixture reduces headaches quickly and effectively.

Also, You can apply clove oil mix it with salt directly on the head can provide quick relief.

Benefits and side effects of clove

Clove Oil For Ear Pain/Clove For Earache

Due to containing lots of natural antibiotic and antibacterial properties, clove oil can provide quick relief in ear pain also.

Take clove oil and black mole oil in equal quantity and mix them well, and heat it on low flame on gas.Now soak this mixture in a small cotton ball and keep it in the gap of your ear.This process provides fast relief in an earache and also relief from a bacterial infection in the ear.

Even more, you take a tbsp of crushed clove and add olive oil in it.Leave this mixture for 30 minutes and the filter the oil from the mixture.Now pour that oil in the ear and leave for 10 minutes.It is also helpful in an earache.

Clove For Toothache

benefits and side effects of clove

Clove oil is mostly used for teeth or oral problems.Clove oil has antibiotic properties that are helpful in mostly toothache, muscle or gum pain and mouth ulcers.

How to remove tartar and plaque from teeth naturally

Cloves are also effective for cavities in your tooth, and traditionally in India, people use clove oil for cavity by pouring it on cotton and keep it on cavity tooth before going to bed that provides relief from the cavity in few days.

Clove oil is used in many dental treatments and now in toothpaste for the complete care of your tooth and gums.

Clove For Vomiting

Clove can also help at the time of vomiting or feeling of it, because of its wonderful flavor and peaceful antibiotic properties.Feeling of vomiting at the time of pregnancy, vomiting in the morning and bad feeling can be reduced with the help of cloves.

For the treatment of vomiting feelings, just take the smell of clove by pouring it on a handkerchief.You can also chew 2-3 cloves too.

For the treatment of vomiting, use clove powder and mix honey in it.Take a glass of hot water and pour few drops of clove oil in it and drink it slowly.

Clove Helpful in Cough

benefits and side effects of clove

A cough is also cured by eating cloves. These are extremely common issues that most of us face and can be treated well by the intake of cloves on a regular basis.

You are able to do this by adding cloves in your meals as well as refreshments anytime of your day.It also helps in protecting you from lung cancer.

Clove Benefits For Hair

benefits and side effects of clove
source:pexels free images

Wanna thicken up your hair? It’s time to use clove oil! This spicy oil has hair follicle stimulating properties. This invigorates and livens up the hair follicles by increasing blood flow brings nutrients to each and every hair follicles,

which boosts hair growth and thickness. You can add about 10-12 drops of clove oil to your 8 oz shampoo bottle.

Simple tips to stop hair loss

Make a hair growth mask by combining 2 tbsp coconut oil and 5 drops of clove oil.Apply this on your scalp.Your scalp should feel a pleasant tingling sensation. Wash your hair after 30 minutes of keeping this mask on.

Health benefits and side effects of clove and its uses

Clove Good For Digestion

Cloves aid relaxes the smooth linin the of the Gl tract, therefore they aid ease vomiting, diarrhea, intestinal stomach aches, and gas. Be careful, because they’re strong, they may irritate the belly as well.

Regular consumption of cloves in the daily diet helps in digesting food faster and also enables the expulsion of bad intestinal gas.

Apart from this including cloves in the daily diet also prevents the stomach from many infections in the stomach and digestive system.

Clove For Bad Breathe

As a natural antiseptic, Clove is very much useful in reducing bad breath from the mouth. Clove kills the bacteria in your mouth that are responsible for bad breath.

In spite of that, it also kills the bacteria from your tongue, neck and other parts of the mouth and its favorable properties can make your breath wonderfully.

Chew few cloves directly in your mouth and it will change you breath in few minutes.You can also use cold clove tea to gargle in 2-3 times in a day to reduce your bad breath.

Clove Useful in Stress

It helps ease senses and comfort stress. Blend cloves with cardamom, basil and mint in drinking water to make nice flavored tea.Take this with honey to get rid of stress.

Cloves can reduce mental tiredness and tiredness.If it is taken in enough quantity then it refreshes your mind and activates your mind.

It promotes good night sleep and reduces the problem of not sleeping at night.It also helps in memory loss, stress and other mental problems.

Clove For Joints Pain

Apart from using the spice clove another best way to make the most of this medicinal spice is by opting for clove oil.

Clove oil is also packed with anti-inflammatory and anesthetic properties that aid in reducing the pain as well as decreases the inflammation.

Regular usage of clove oil also improves the blood circulation around the joints.It also has calcium,omega-3, fatty acid and iron that help to build up your joints and bones.

Clove Useful For Good Skin

clove oil regulates your oily skin.It has astringent properties that reduce excess oiliness and tighten up large pores.

Simple and effective tips to protect skin in winter

Clove oil can get rid of skin tags, warts, and other abnormal skin growths.It has strong antiseptic, antimicrobial, antifungal, antibacterial properties plus it’s a ‘hot’ oil which enables the skin growth to dry up and shrivel super fast.

Clove Benefits For Skin Problems

Apart from the many health benefits of cloves, they are also quite helpful in treating various skin concerns…

Clove is packed with antioxidants and antibacterial properties and this makes them the best natural ingredient to have a healthy and blemish free complexion.

For skin related problems, mostly clove is advised to a person, especially for the patients of acne and pimples on the skin.If you use it warm, then clove oil provides very effective results.

Get rid of acne and pimples naturally

You can also use it in the problems occurs with increasing age like stretch marks, the skin around your eyes, and Sagging skin etc.It helps as a facial rejuvenation and improves blood circulation in the face skin that makes your skin young and glowing.

How to store cloves-Where to Buy Cloves

The whole cloves are stored for at least one year, ground cloves contain a shelf life that is short, about half a year.Continue to keep the cloves in an airtight container from sunlight in dry and cool place.

The shelf-life of whole cloves can be extended by putting them in a refrigerator.It is advisable to use clove powder that is freshly ground to get the utmost flavor and taste.

Always look for 100% pure quality clove oil without additives.It is recommended clove is this one from Plant Therapy.It comes in a 10ml bottle.If you want to buy clove oil in India than the recommended brands are Dabur, Patanjali etc.Easily available in any medical store or in any Supermarket.

And want to buy it online then you can get it from and GFN Food Sales Inc.(California).

Benefits and side effects Of Clove – How to Eat Clove

Cloves, of course, come whole and powdered.To eat whole cloves, you simply need to soften them first by soaking or cooking them in water.

Try soaking 10 to 20 cloves in a small amount of water and using this water, plus the softened cloves, to your next smoothie.

try adding whole cloves to any soup or stew.Or try yummy iced Almond Milk Chai or the orange spiced carrots, by

Put a little clove in your life.Boil a few buds in water and inhale the steam to get some relief from respiratory ailments.

Boil some ground cloves as an after-meal tea to support weak digestion, relieve nausea or even prevent vomiting.

Directly chewing whole buds or rinsing your mouth with the oil mixed with water can reduce oral bacteria and freshen up you’re breathing.

Place a bud in your mouth or gargle clove oil diluted in warm water to ease pain from a toothache. This can also be effective for sore throats.

Topically apply clove oil diluted in water as an antiseptic for wounds or sores. Alternatively, make a paste by mixing the ground spice in honey.

Clove Side Effects

Like two sides of a coin, Both the ingredients have both good and bad properties available in them.Clove has many beneficial properties for our health, but it has many side effects too.

Let us talk about the side effects of clove in brief below…

1.Excess use of clove can harm your intestine and bladder, because of its heat.

2.Some properties in clove can make your blood thinner that increase the risk of more bleeding.

3.It is also possible that you have allergy with cloves.

4.Breastfeeding mother or a pregnant lady should have to avoid the use of cloves, because it may harm the baby in some cases.Pregnant women, however, need to make sure that they consult their gynecologist about the consumption of the cloves.

5.Consumption of meals prepared with a variety of clove may cause central nervous system disorders and gastrointestinal discomfort.

6.People have abdomen ulcers, diverticulitis conditions, and ulcerative colitis can avoid cloves.

You don’t have to worry about the use of cloves, in fact, you have to avoid using too much of cloves.Use as necessary or the quantity required.

For any treatment, if you consume too much for fast relief can increase a new problem for you.So take care of it and clove is safe to use.

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Apart from many benefits and side effects of clove we discussed above that using clove has lots of benefits with few side effects.Other wise it is safe to use.

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