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Benefits and side effects of green tea

Benefits and side effects of green tea

Green tea is growing popular day by day and become the part of human life with the start of your day with a cup of green tea. Green tea growing popularity because of its natural qualities that are full of antioxidants,and essential minerals which helps your body to make you for and healthy.Today in the article below we are going talk about some benefits of green tea and some side effects of green tea.

Lets highlight what you are going to read below:-

1.Benefits of green tea.
2.Side effects of green tea.
3.Benefits of green tea on skin.
4.Benefits of green tea on hair.
5.Benefits of green tea for weight loss.
6.When and how to use green tea.

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Benefits of green tea.

Green was used as herbal medicine from ancient time.It was first introduced and used as a herbal medicine in Asian countries later it becomes a drink and gain popularity as green tea.It was only because of its natural qualities to that helps body to stay fit and active.Lets see some of its benefits..

1.Green tea helps in decreasing blood sugar:-Green tea helps the diabetic patients in maintaining their blood sugar levels. Sometimes due to increase in sugar in blood in diabetes 2 types patients it may effects their eyes, heart and body parts etc.Green tea controls it by decreasing blood sugar level.It is one of the best diet ingredient for diabetic patients and also recommended for them.

2.Decreases Cholesterol:- Green tea has antioxidants that helps in decreases bad cholesterol presents in blood.Also mange the ratio of cholesterol in your body.

3.Green tea controls blood pressure:- It is proven that  green tea helps in maintaining blood pressure in human body.Most of the people from different parts of the world using green tea from past many times only to control their BP.This is a best herbal drink for your health.

4.Helps to avoid risks of cancer:-Green tea also very much effective and useful for cancer patients and have natural qualities to control cancer.

5.Weight loss:- Regular use of green tea in your diet plan can burn your excess cholesterol and helps in maintaining body weight.

6.Hair fall problem:- If you have the problem of hair fall or any other problems related to hair,just start using green tea from today. How does it works I will explain in brief belo.

7.Heart diseases:-If you are using green tea in your daily meal than it might helps in lower the risk of heart diseases in your body.It makes blood thin that helps in blood flow easily inside the body.

8.Beauty and skin care:- Green tea works as a blood purifier as it maintains excess cholesterol in your body and makes your skin glowing and beautiful.

9.Decreases stress level:-Green tea decreases stress in your body. The smells of green tea leaves makes your mind relax and cool.It is also useful in headache.

10.Increases stamina in body:- Green tea provides rest to your tired body.And also,increases the working capacity of your body for long term.When your feel tired more just have a cup of green tea to charge your body again.

Side effects of green tea.

There’s good and bad effects of everything found on earth. Above you read  about benefits of green tea.

Now,you will read some common side effects of green tea. As I believe that using anything in limit might good but excess use to get fast results sometimes show negative one,so avoid using excess to get fast results because slower one is the best one.Let see…

1.risk of increasing anemia:-Excess use of green tea can increase the risk of anemia.So avoid more that 2 to 3 cup a day.

2.It can increase mental stress:- Green tea contains caffeine that might able to increase mental stress and makes you depressed. pregnant or feeding females:-It is suggested to pregnant and new mother to use less green tea because of its caffeine level that might effects your baby.

4.Effects on kidney and lever:- More use of green tea in a day can effects your kidney or liver also. And cause some problems like acidity, heartburn, indigestion etc.

5.Weight loss in minors:- Green tea is not suitable for minors as I can decrease body weight.

6.Kills hunger:- More use of green tea might kills your hunger and your body gets weak very soon due to improper diet or meal.So take care of it.

Benefits of green tea on skin.

Green tea works as blood purifier that is helpful for skin and face. So,add a limited amount of green tea in your diet.Green tea also helps in maintaining the digestive system that is directly related to your skin.Lots of skin care products containing green tea is available in the market,if you don’t want to use these than follow some steps given below.

Let see how it works on skin..

1.Add 2 tbsp of wheaped cream and 1 tbsp of sugar in boiled green tea water and mix them well and make face scrub.Now,apply the mixture on your face directly with the help of your hand and leave it for 15-20 minutes.By using the mixture can clear dead cells present in skin and makes your skin glowing and beautiful.

2.If you have a sensitive skin and you are afraid of sun burn and don’t want to use sunscreen because it makes your skin oily than make a mixture at home.Add 1 tbsp of yogurt and 1 tbsp of lemon juice and 2-3 tbsp of green tea water and mix them well.Apply on face gently and leave it for sometime.And wash it with warm water.The vitamin and calcium present in yogurt can helps to cure dead skin cells and reduces the darkness of skin.

3.If you also have problem of oily skin and dark black spots on skin which might decrease your confidence than this is for you.At first boil green tea in water for sometime and than make it cool and add required amount of rice flour in it and mix it well and apply directly on face and leave it for some time.This mixture helps in reducing oil and spots on skin and makes your skin glowing.

Benefits of green tea for hair.

Green tea has good qualities that helps in hair loss and makes your hair growth fast.Lots of vitamins and minerals found in green tea that may helps you to make your hair strong and shiny.

1.At first wash your hair with water and than put green tea paste/juice on it and leave it for sometime. Apply this twice a week.

2.Drink green tea regularly and mix honey in it.Drink green tea and honey mixture daily that stops your hair loss very sooner.

3.Keep 3-4 green tea bags in water for sometime than massage that water on your hair roots directly for sometime with your finger tips. Use this thrice a week it gives you best results in few uses.

Benefits of green tea of weight loss.

Green tea is mostly popular for its weight loss quality.Green tea contains caffeine that might helps in burning excess cholesterol presents in the body.It also helps in making your digestive system strong.

So keep drinking green tea after lunch and at night half an hour before going to bed.I will write in brief about the weight loss using green tea in my next article coming soon with examples and brief description.

When and how to use green tea.

Use of green tea and how to prepare it for best results is the common questions of everyone.I will suggest some of them below…

1.Drink green in the morning with with after breakfast.
2.Drink green tea after meal.
3.Drink green tea at night before going to bed.

As,I already suggested above use in limited quantity can gives you good results but for fast results excess use may harm avoid using more and keep patience.

Using of green tea teabags are best but you can use leaves too.But keep in mind use small quantity otherwise it may become bitter and tasteless.


Green tea is herbal drink with lots of benefits.The article is written for the knowledge of the users.The article is written by the author for knowledge and not the original content of the writer. Please read more from other sites before using green tea as for your health.
Thank you for reading.

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