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Benefits of Onions for hair and skin-a natural remedy

Benefits of Onions-a natural remedy!

Onions, as vegetable brings flavors to every recipe and becomes the essential ingredient of every kitchen.It is eaten raw as salad, and also used in almost many recipes.But,do you know that inspite of increasing taste on dinning onions are also used as natural medicine to cure many diseases which can controlled by eating onions everyday.

It is known as natural antibiotic that saves you from many unwanted diseases that effects your body and skin.

Onions are of four types and both has their own benefits and different in taste also..that are

  1. 1.Red onion
    2.White onion
    3.Yellow onion
    4.Sweet onion

Lets talk about some of that qualities and necessity of onions that why onions should become important on our dinning and kitchen also. please read below..

1.Protects your heart from diseases:-A good habit of eating raw onion everyday in your meal helps to keep your heart strong and protects from lots of diseases.

2.Helps in cancer control:- Onion is also very much effective for cancer patients.It controls cancer and protects from cancer to you also.

3.Controls immune system:-Onion helps in control of immune system inside your body and fertile metabolism.

4.Anit-inflammatory:-Onions are also anti inflammatory as it protects your body from unwanted diseases.

5.Digestion:-Onion helps to improve digestive system of the body as it works as an anti biotic. Regular use of onion in your meal improves your digestive system.

6.Controls blood sugar:-Onions are very useful for diabetic patients as a great quality to control sugar level in blood.It is recommended to diabetic patients to eat raw or cooked onions everyday.

7.Regrowth of hair:-Onion contains sulphur that is very good for hair.It stops your hair fall,regrow lost hair and also a complete care taker for your hair.

8.For health and Ageing:-Is is proved that regular use of onion in your diet makes you healthy more and also control ageing of skin sooner.

9.Sexual problem:-If anyone is facing the problem of sexual like sperm immunity, sex power etc. Onion is recommended as the best natural medicine for the treatment  of all the sexual problems as well.

When you cut onion at home,it makes you cry and makes tears in eyes.But do you know the health benefits of onion at all. It is a best recommended herbal treatment for your health as well as for your hair and skin.

Onion has lots of natural quality effective and required for almost all the human beings. Onions contains Vitamin C, Iron, Sulphur etc.  which helps in increasing body metabolism and protects the body from diseases.

Lets talk about such benefits of eating onion:-

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Onion for hair Growth

Onions contains sulphur,which might helps in hair regrowth,and stops hair fall.It is also helps in control of dandruff in hair.

Lets talk about hair fall problems and their solutions..

1.Onion for hair fall control

If you have hair fall problem and falling hair continuously.Just take 2 onions and grind them in a grinder and make their paste.

Now,take out onion juice from the paste and massage on your scalp directly and leave it for sometime.

Then wash it off using herbal shampoo. Do it for thrice a week it gives best result in a short time.

2.Onion juice and honey (for hair regrowth)

If you have hair loss and problem and already facing the problem of baldness than this method is for you.

Take a bowl and pour 2 tbsp honey and 3 to 4 tbsp of onion juice and mix them well.

Now,massage gently with your finger tips on the affected area for sometime and leave it.

After that wash it with water and shampoo.

Use thrice a week for best results.

2.Onion and coconut oil (for long hair)

Take out 3 to 4 tbsp onion juice in a bowl and olive oil and coconut oil in it and mix the well.

Now,massage with the mixture on your hair for sometime and leave.

After that wash it off with water and shampoo.

Use three days in a week for best results.

3.Onion and lemon (stops hair fall)

Take 3 tbsp of onion juice and 2 tbsp of lemon juice(or according to your requirements)in a bowl and mix them well.

Massage it on your head scalp with the help of finger tips for sometime.

Wash it off and use hair conditioner for protect hair from look excess drying.
Apply thrice a week.

4.Onion and rum (for fast hair growth)

Take an onion and cut it into two parts and pour it in rum for overnight.

Now,take out the onions from the rum and massage it on your hair.

After that wash it with shampoo.If the smell is still in your hair just use lemon to wash your hair.

Apply twice a week for best results.

Benefits of onion for skin

Onion is an antiseptic, antibiotic ingredients which can be used in any type of treatment and problem in your body.

Lets see some of its benefits…

1.Onion and yogurt (for healthy skin)
Onion helps in blood circulation of the skin which helps in getting skin healthy and glowing.

Take 4-5 tbsp of fresh onion juice and equal quantity of yogurt in a add some drops of almond oil in it(if available) for best results.

Apply the mixture on face and massage carefully and gently for a glowing and healthy skin.

2.Onion and olive oil (for skin ellergy or redness)
Take few drops of olive oil in 4 tbsp of fresh onion juice and mix them well.

Now,massage the mixture on the affected area of your skin and leave it for sometime.

It helps to control unwanted marks on skin that caused due to Ellery or sun burn.
The method is effective but takes some time to work .

3.Onion and yogurt (for dark and black spots on skin)
Take some yogurt and add some onion juice in it.Apply on the affected area of skin with the help of cotton.

Now wash it off with warm water.It helps in control and disappear of dark black spots from skin.

4.Onion and tomato juice (for acne, sun tan)
Onions are anti inflammatory as they remove toxins from inside the body.They also helps in remove spots caused due to acnes.

Take fresh onion juice and tomato juice in a bowl and add 2 3 drops of neem oil.Mix them well and apply over the affected area.

Massage for sometime and after that wash it off.It helps in get rid of acnes problem very soon.


The article above is the knowledge and idea about the beneficial qualities of natural ingredient named as “Onion”.

The contents are not the original content of the author and is written to help the people affected by the problem of skin and hair and are taken on the basis of reading and learning habits of the author.

Thanks for reading.

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