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Blackheads-causes and treatments naturally at home

Blackheads-causes and treatments naturally at home

Blackheads are common in any person.It is seen on most of the people you see in your daily life.It can be seen in both male and female’s face or on body. Everyone gets frustrated due to blackheads on seeing on their face. And,also try lots of treatments and remedies to get rid of blackheads.

Blackheads are normal,and raise at any time or in any season on face or body.It is mostly seen on the top of your nose.The most reason of blackheads on your face is the stock of dust particles present in air.Due to those dust particles your skin pores gets blocked and cause blackhead problems on skin.

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    What are blackheads?
    Causes of blackheads on face and tips to get rid of blackheads.
    How to remove blackheads on face naturally at home?

    What are blackheads?

    Blackheads are small bumps that appear on your skin due to clogged hair follicles.These bumps are called blackheads because it may occurs on facee or skin due to block of skin pores who releases oil from skin continiously with sweat.At fisrt they looks like small particles on face later becomes dark or black.It is also caused due to acnes and pimples that are teased forcefully with nails or dirty hands usually on face.Inspite of face they are also seen in many parts of the body:

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    Blackheads affects mostly teenagers or can be seen in any kind of person at any age.But with proper treatment and cure it can be dissapper with time.

    Causes of blackheads on face and tips to get rid of blackheads.

Lots of factors might responsible for causing blackheads.But they are not a disease lasts for very long time and can be removed by proper cleaning and treatment.

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The main causes of blackheads on face are discussed below:-

1.Growing up of pores:-Pores in your skin releases oil particles out with sweat continiously.Sometimes it get blocked because of lack of proper cleaning of your skin.And sometimes it throws out excessive oil due to increase in size of the pores which makes skin dry and causes black spots called blackheads.

2.Harmonal problems:-Harmonal changes related to menstruation, pregnancy,and uses of more contraseptic/birth control pills can disbalance harmon system in females and can affect skin causes blackheads on face.

3.Oily skin:-Excess oily skin causes lots of problems on skin related to acnes,spots etc.that are results in causing blackheads on face.Try to keep your skin clean by using a good quality herbal facewash or cleanser.

4.Using of more chemical based products:-Beauty is going to become a passion in today’s generation.For making self more shining and beautiful, guys choose wrong products that unsuitable for skin and causes lots of problems in future and can cause skin disease.So,guys beware of excess chemical products and try to use good quality products.

5.Bacteria affects pores:- We know very well that we are living in a polluted urban environment that are not so suitable for your health.And harmful bacterias and other living particles make their survial on our skin.Due to lack of proper cleaning of skin they started enter into skin pores and harms skin pores that might cause blackheads problem even more than that.

6.Lack of proper cleaning:-Cleanness and hygine are most important for living a healthy life not only for skin but also for our entire body.Lack of proper cleaning and spent more time in unhygenic area might cause skin problems.

7.Poor Hygene:-For living a healthy life and making health better it is necessary to concentrate on eating habits and diet.Try to eat hygenic food and drink instead of more oily and spicy which leads to blackheads problem or other problems on your skin.

8.Ageing:-Increasing age makes people weak and lazy and are less conscious about their skin.But blackheads also affects the people with growing to old stage.

How to remove blackheads on face naturally at home?

Lots of home remedies are there at our home that might helps in removing blackheads from face and skin and are really effective one.Lets see below:-

1.Lemon:-We all know uncountable benefits of lemon.Lemons contains vitamin C,helps in toning skin.Lemon is also known as natural bleach which helps in clean skin.

Cut lemon into two equal parts.
Rub one piece directly on one part of affected area on face and other piece on other side.
After rubbing, let it for sometime and wash it with cold water.
Use daily for fast result and also use for skin toner.

2.Potato:-Potatoes are natural ingredient found in every kitchen.It contains starch beneficial for blackheads for face.

Take 2,3 potatoes and peel off their skin and make their paste.
Now take the paste with hand and rub on the affected area on face.
Leave it for sometime on face and wash off after that with cold water.
Apply this twice or thrice for fast and effective results.

3.Banana Peels:-Banana is full of uncountable goodness of nature.It has lots of natural benefits for health and skin.Today,we will see the use of banana peels useful in treating blackheads on face.

Take 2,3 pieces of banana and take out peels from it.
Now open the banana peels and rub the white parts inside the peel directly on the face with light hand for sometime.
Leave it for a while and wash it with cold and clean water.
Apply thrice a week for best results.

4.Orange peels:-Orange is a good source of vitamin C needed by our body and beneficial for skin.It works as a natural cleanser on our skin.Today,we will talk about orange peels helps in removing blackheads from face.

Take 1 or 2 oranges and peel off their skin and dry them.
Now make powder with the dried peels and take it in a bowl.
Add rose water or water in the powder and make a paste.
Apply on the affected area and leave for 10-15 minutes.
Wash it with cold water.
Apply twice a week for best results.

5.Baking Soda:-Baking soda contains natural carbonate sodium which might helps in pull out impurities from skin pores.It can also helpful in the treatment of blackheads from face.

Take 1,2 spoon of baking soda with water and mix both.
Now rub the mixture on the affected area with the help of fingers or can be done with the help of soft toothbrush.
Use this for three to four times in a week.

6.Tomato:-Tomato is full of lots of goodness of the nature.It is best toner and cleanser for skin.Toamto is used as antiseptic on face.It can be also useful in the treatment of blackheads.

Take 2 tomatoes and smash them and make their paste.
Now apply the paste on the affected area and leave it for 10-15 minutes.
Now wash it off with clean water.
Use this for twice a week.

7.Honey:-Honey contains anti-oxidents that are most useeful for the treatment of skin diseases.It is also used to cure blackheads on skin or face.

Apply honey directly on skin and rub it with fingers for a while.
Wash it with clean water.
Apply daily if possible or four days in a week.

8.Green tea leaves:-Green tea contains lots of anti-oxidents useful for health.It is said one of the useful natural ingrediant for human body.It can be helpful in treatment of blackheads on face.

Make paste of green tea leaves using water.
Apply the paste on the affected area.
Leave it for 10-15 minutes and wash off with clean water.
Apply for two or three days in a week for good results.

9.Turmeric:-Turmeric is known as natural anti-biotic.It can be used in most skin diseases from ancient times.It is use to treat lots of skin problems. Blackheads can also reduced by using the natural anti-biotic.

Take the turmeric raw(not powder)and smash it and make it powder at home.
Now mix rose water in the turmeric powder and make a paste of it.
Apply the paste gently on the face or the affected area.
Leave it untill dry or 10-15 minutes and wash it off with clean water.

10.Oatmeal:-Oatmeal are going popular day by day.It has lots of health benefit ingredients with low carbs.Oatmeal is also very good for skin and also helps in treatment of blackheads on face.

Mix oatmeal with honey and make a paste.
Apply the mixture on face or the area affected.
Leave it for 10-15 minutes and then wash it with clean water.
Use Three times in a week for effective results.

The content above for the people facing the problem of skin and lose their confidence.The author tried to solve this problem in a easy way.The contents are not the fully written by author and are just for sharing knowledge taken from other sources.

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