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I think you have to know these cashew nut benefits

Cashew nuts

Health benefits of raw cashew nuts.

cashew nuts are one of the most popular nuts in dry fruit.It is found and grows in cashew tree. Do you know about Cashew nut benefits for your health and also have more capacity to increase the taste of your mouth.

Cashew nuts
Health benefits of raw cashew nuts.

Cashew is more beneficial and healthy if it is used in your daily meal or breakfast. A handful of Kaju has innumerable benefits and provides your body more energy. Cashew nuts can be eaten raw and also used in dishes to make them more healthy and tasty.

Today we are going to discuss on cashew nuts and their benefits for your health.Let’s see..

Benefits of raw cashew nuts

1.Protects you from Cancer:-Cashew nuts contain a chemical named as “Proanthocyanidins” which is a part of flavonoids which helps in increasing cancer cells in your body.Regular use of cashew nuts in your diet may help in protecting from various agents of cancer.So, if its possible use cashew as your health agent.

2.Make your bones healthy:-Cashew nuts contains magnesium that is also an important agent for your bones and teeth same as calcium.Magnesium presents in your bones help in relaxing both blood vessels and muscles.Lack of magnesium in your body can cause some health-related problems.

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3.Weight loss:-According to a research of Harvard University, two servings of nuts a day is helpful in fighting cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and cancer.  Cashew nuts also considered as fat,it has a good amount of cholesterol. so, it’s a belief that those who eat cashew at least twice a week gain less weight as compared to those who don’t.

4.Controls blood pressure:-Cashew has less sodium but enough amount of magnesium and potassium that helps in controlling blood pressure in your body.When sodium increases in a body it increases water level that forms more blood in the body which increases blood pressure. In that case, cashew nuts are more beneficial.

5.Full of vitamins:-If we talk about cashew nutrition or raw cashew nutrition it is a becomes very necessary part of our meal and for our body. Cashew nuts are rich in vitamins like riboflavin, pantothenic acid, thiamin, and niacin etc. that keeps your body from many harmful diseases.It also helps in decreasing malnutrition problem in the body.Cashew is full of carbohydrates and protein also necessary for your body as well.

6.Helpful for teeth and gums:- As we already discussed above it contains magnesium that is helpful for bones and teeth.And the amount of phosphorus helps to keep your gums healthy.

7.Helpful for glowing skin:- It contains an excess amount of protein that is necessary for your skin. Use of cashew daily makes your skin and hair glowing and beautiful. It can also be used as a paste for your skin to make your skin glowing and fair.Soak cashew in water and make a paste and apply on face directly. It really shows results in few uses.

8.Helps in diabetes control:- Cashew is helpful in controlling diabetes and cholesterol in your body. Researchers of “General molecular nutrition and food research” of Montreal university found that cashew increases insulin in the body that might helps in controlling diabetes.

9.Sexual problems:- Lots of sex-related problems like premature ejaculation, sperm thinning, low sex power etc can also be treated with the help of cashew nuts.Soak cashew nuts in milk and take it in your breakfast it might beneficial for you.

Cashew nuts
Health benefits of raw cashew nuts.


10.Helps in digestion:- Cashew also contains fiber that is helpful for your digestive system. Regular use of cashew can reduce the problem of indigestion and makes your digestive system healthy.

11.Cashew nut benefits for Healthy heart

cashew nut benefits
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Cashew contains folic acid that is beneficial for your heart.It also has important nutrition elements like copper, zinc, iron, and magnesium that helps in control of blood plates and heart muscles.

Side effects of Eating more Cashew nuts

In spite of many benefits, cashew nuts have many side effects too. It is full of proteins and minerals but does you want to know that how cashew nuts can be harmful to you also…let’s see

Sodium content

Too much good things can be bad for your health.a single ounce of cashews contains 5gm of sodium if they are unsalted.However, salted cashews can add 87gm of sodium per ounce.The high amount of sodium consumption leads to high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease, and kidney diseases.

May leads to weight gain

Eating just one ounce of dry roasted cashews provides 163 calories and this number can rise to as high as 786 calories if you had eaten around a cup of cashew nuts, which is not a hard task if you are snacking directly from the bag.

Eating more calories may give rise to weight gain, which is not at all beneficial for our health as it may give cause obesity and give rise to other health problems like high cholesterol, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, cancer, stroke, cardiovascular problems etc.


Cashew or “Kaju” is a common dry fruit but cashew nut benefits are vast.Cashew nuts are dry fruits that are found easily in the market and has lots of nutritional properties in it.It is advisable and necessary to add cashew in your diet to avoid going to a doctor and eating unnecessary medicine.It helps you to keep fit and healthy naturally.

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