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Causes of hair loss problem in women!

Causes of Hair loss problem in women

Causes of hair loss problem in women!

Hair loss problem in women is growing day by day.  It is said to  be  a  rapidly increasing   problem  with  females. Everyone  knows   without beautiful hair no impression and confidence exists.But why the problem of hair loss in women increasing. We will discuss today on this topic.

Let’s go  and  talk  and  discuss  some common  measure  problems about  the causes of hair loss problem in women. I don’t like to make things more critical,so I like to talk in simple language.Ok, lets start,please move down below::–


1.Protein Deficiency can cause hair loss problem!

It is normally found in majority of females that they give priority to their taste more  than  health.  Eat lots of unhealthy foods which are tasty but not hygienic  and  lack of  proteins  and minerals essential for the body.Protein helps in building new hair cells. But lack of proteins in diet, the body don’t have enough new hair cells to replace the old one when they get shed.

2.Certain Medications!p

“Medications can cause chronic shedding,” says Schlosser. Sometimes, for any  big  diseases  people have to take some more medicines with a course of weeks  or  months  which  sometimes shows  hormonal  problems  due side effects which may  cause  hair  loss problems in females.


3.Dandruff or Scalp Problems!

Dandruff is a very common problem of hair  loss  in  females.  Due to lack of proper cleanliness and wash  and  care starts dandruff problem because of long hairs of female, Lots of dust particles and harmful particles in hair takes place.

4.Lots of Stress!

Stress and emotion  are  the  parts of human life. Specifically, females have a very weak sense of humour. Enormous stress is not good for health as well as for hair because it create a strong headache and the problem of hair loss is seen.

5.Too Much Hair Style!

Fashion is taking place so fast in human life.Everyone wants to look better and have better  hairstyle.  For that lots of females does lots of experiments with their using lots of harmful chemical based products to their hair that might damage hair roots and hair becomes weak by its roots and cause the problem of hair loss.

6.Using of Wrong Hair Care products!

Lots of chemical based products are available in the market today. Many of them  claims  lots  benefits  i.e  Anti-dandruff, stop hair fall etc.  But it is important to choose right and best for hair.Either it may be shampoo,bhair oil, Conditioner etc.  Because using of wrong products might damage hair  roots and scalp and one should have to face the problem of hair loss.

7.More Use of Hair Dryer!

Time is moving very fast and one should have don’t have enough time to care for their to wash it and after that lets it dry naturally. Many people use hair dryer to dry their hair quickly.But more use of dryer  may  cause lots  of  people like damage of hair cells and excess dryness that might weakens the hair roots and create unusual problems for hair.


The problems discussed above are not exactly all the major  problems but majority of them leads to the problem of hair loss in females.Most of the hair loss problems are curable if some of precautions can be taken  on time.
Hair loss problem is common now a days  and  lots  of  treatments are available to cure it.Try to avoid some mistakes and you will see lots of hair fall control by yourself.Thanks for reading this article.

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Thank you For reading.

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