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Dark circles under eyes-causes and treatment


Dark circles under eyes-causes and treatment.

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Eyes not only plays a vital role in our life but also plays havoc role in the beauty of our entire body. But the problem of  Dark circles occurs under eyes, it might spoils the beauty  of the whole face as well as the beauty of the body.

Dark circles can effect both men and women.  Now the there are lots of reason for dark circles to appear under eyes. From stress, Lack of proper sleep at night,hormonal changes,a disturbed lifestyle, oversleeping and many more. But if it is treated on time,they will not only dull overall appearance,it can also lead to serious health issues.

Today we are going to discuss about that major causes and their treatment in brief below..

Causes of dark circles under eyes.

“Dark discoloration of skin under the eyes referred as known as dark circles…the commons causes of dark circles are discussed in brief below:-

Allergies :-people with allergies rub their eyes due to itchiness,leading to the formation of dark circles.Dark circles may be more prominent during high fever season in people who experience high fever.

Ageing:-with the increase in age of human lots of changes seen in the body.From upper part of the body to lower part lots of changes may occurs with time.Dark circles are also one example of that.

Hormonal changes in women :- In women,the skin undergoes lots of changes during the phase of pregnancy and menstruation, causing darkening the skin.

Genetics:-“There are hereditary conditions that run in families that can lead to darkness under eyes,” explains New York City dermatologists Dr.Bruce Katz.This is very common in people with Mediterranean background.

Nutritional deficiency:-Dark circles around the eyes can be due to poor nutrition.A healthy and nutritious diet filled with vitamins like A,C,K,E and nutrients required by the body.

Sleeping Deprivation and tiredness:– A very big reason of dark circles are lack of good sleep at night.Lack of sleep and excessive tiredness results the pale skin, making blood under the skin more visible and appear more blue or darker.

Sun Exposure:- Sunlight can prompt the production of melanin,darkening the area around the eyes.There are two main layers of skin,the outer layer of skin known as epidermis and inner layer is known as dermis When excess melanin is made in the epidermis it appears brown, and when there is than usual melanin in the dermis its looks blue or black grey.

Smoking and drinking :– The consumption of alcohol allows the small blood vessels in the skin to dilate,or expand,so dark circles under the eye may become more prominent.Smoking also plays havoc and results dark eye circles.

Iron Deficiency:- Iron is a very important part of human diet required by the body.Lack of Iron in the body decrease blood Harmon that causes dark circles below the eyes.

Anemia and liver disease:– Dark circles also indicate liver dysfunction due to several liver ailments,such as a liver ailment is hepatitis.


Dark circles under eyes treatment naturally.

1.Almond oil

Almonds are loaded with vitamin E and its oil is an emolient which helps in making the skin supple.This ingredient found easily at household and not so costly.Almond oil helps in lighten the skin.

Take enough amount of cotton and soak it with almond oil in enough quantity required for your skin.
Now rub gently with light hand around the area of your eyes.and leave it for sometime and wash it.
Apply thrice a week at night or even before bath.It gives positive results in few week or days.

2.Rose water

We all know,in any type of eyes problem rose water is most beneficial ingredient. You can remove black dark circles below eyes with the help of rose water.It is really effective and has no side effects.

Take enough amount of cotton and soak it with rose water required.
Now,rub the area around your eyes with light hand and massage gently for sometime.
It may provide great relief to your eyes and really shows result in few uses.
It can be used daily if possible for best results or thrice a week.


There may be lots of reason for black circles below eyes.Most people use lots of medicines and chemical based cosmetics to remove dark circles but anything didn’t works or gives a good result.It can be removed simply by using a Cucumber.

Cut two round slices of cucumber and put it on your eyes.But before that clean your face with clean water to remove dust particles.
Keep the slices for 10-15 minutes on eyes. And after that remove it and wash with cold water.
If anyone has more black circles,they may use daily,otherwise it can used thrice a week.

4.Potatoes grated or sliced

Potatoes have great quality to remove dark circles under eyes.They can be find easily at home and are so cheap with lots of benefits for your skin.

Grate some potato and extract the juice of it by using mixture or grinder.
Now take some cotton and soak it in potato juice,close your eyes and keep the soaked cotton on you eyes.make sure the whole black area are covered with cotton juice.
Leave it for 10 to 15 minutes and than wash it with cold water.
Potatoes can be used directly on face and circles by cutting their slices.
Use this method thrice a week for good results.


Tomato,is known naturally possess powerful bleaching properties that can lighten skin very effectively.This ingredient may found easily at home and are cost effective and natural.

Mix a teaspoon of tomato juice with one and half teaspoon of lemon juice.
Apply the mixture with the help of cotton on your dark circles and allow for 10 minutes. Now wash it with cold water.
Use these method 3- 4 days in a weak for best results.

6.Tea bags

Normally we use tea bags for making tea.But,today we Will see an another benefit of tea bags.It is also very useful for your skin after making tea with it.

Rub the used tea bag directly on the area around your eyes and massage gently with light hand for sometime and than wash it with cold water.
You will observe a good result very soon by using this method.This may gives complete relief to you eyes.
Take care that the tea particles should not enter in your eyes.

How to get rid of dark circles below eyes permanently

Dark circles under eyes may defect the impression and spoils the beauty of the face.Most of the people found depressed because of such bad impression due to their personality.Dark circles are not a permanent problem and can be curable by some precautions and change in habits.

We will discuss it in brief below…

1.Take good night sleep : Most people works so late at night and couldn’t able to take enough amount of sleep required by their body.Try to go to bed on time and wake up early and complete that job left last day.

2.Drink plenty of water : Water is elixir of life,we all know it very well.It also helps in blood circulation and throw out dust particles from the body.But most people ignores to drink more water necessary by the body and have to face several problems.So try to drink enough quantity of water daily.

3.Use good quality cosmetics : Make up and look beautiful is the first choice of female as well as male also.Everyone wants to make them beautiful and handsome.But sometimes with the selection of bad products they have to face problems like dark circles etc.So always choose good quality cosmetics when necessary other wise try to avoid it.

4.Change bad habits : Drinking alcohol and smoking is becoming the part of human life.7 out of 10 people are found smoking or drinks.Try to change these bad habits or try to use less to avoid problems related to your beauty and personality.

5.Save skin from direct sunlight : Sunlight is necessary for all the living being on earth.But going out in sunlight with empty eyes can harm your eyes.Try to use good quality of sun glasses or use umbrella when you go out of home in direct sun light.

6.Decrease use of electronic gadgets : Using of more computer,mobile phones,or television is very harmful for your eyes,as it contains uv rays not suitable for eyes if used for long time.Try to use them very less.

7.Take good diet : Taking good and enough balanced diet food may helps the body to fight with several diseases.Green leafy vegetables,carrots or food items containing vitamin E and iron are more suitable for your eyes.

8.Take care of eyes : Always take good care of your eyes.Clean your hands well before touching eyes otherwise it may cause eye infections.If sometimes problem occurs and immediately consult a dermatologist to reduce the problem related to eyes.

Thanks for reading.Please share your reviews or suggestions to grow courage of the writer,and give you useful suggestions below in the comment box.

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