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Effective benefits of almonds for health

Effective benefits of almonds for health

Almonds are more tasty in eating as well as more beneficial for your health.It full of huge amount of protein,fats,Vitamin E, Magnesium, fibre and some useful amino acids required for your body.There are lots of benefits of almonds.

Almonds are popularly known as “Badam“in india.Almonds are the healthiest nut you can get,though it not a nut exactly but more of a seed.They belong to a group of prunus,a variety of tree and shrubs which also comprise the families of apricots, cherry, plums etc.

Almonds are native to the middle East,but United States are the world’s largest producer of almonds in present.

Benefits of almonds for your body.

Today,we will discuss about the most effective benefits of almonds in brief that can be effective and beneficial for your health,mind,skin and helps increasing brain power. Almonds can be eaten raw,fried , also available in the form Almond oil,Almond butter,Almond milk and even roasted.It is easily found in the market. Somewhere it is quite costly but even not so in comparison to its benefits and production.Lets see below about its benefits in detail:-

1.Helps in control Cholesterol:-
Regular use of raw almonds in your diet may able to control your cholesterol level.It contains monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats which increases HDL (high density lipoprotein or “good”cholesterol) and decreases the LDL(low density lipoprotein or “bad” cholesterol).
If you eat 3-4 almonds daily with your breakfast it will helps you to control your cholesterol level and also control the blood sugar.

2.Increases memory:- My grandmother always advised me to eat 2 almonds daily when I was a because it’s a child because it’s a belief that almonds increases brain power and memory.It is also proved that almonds contains Vitamin E which is more beneficial for brain and memory.

It also contains full amount of zinc which protects brain cells from free radical damages.Vitamin D contained in almonds maintains the protein metabolisms that are necessary for repairing brain cells.

3.Helps in weight loss:-Almonds contains  fibre,protein and monounsaturated acids which helps in decreasing hunger.Low hunger means less food.It also contains Vitamin B and Zinc that helps to decrease your habits of eating more sugar and sweets.

4.Controls Diabetes:- Almonds lowers the blood sugar level and protects from diseases occurs due to diabetes.It contains healthy fats, Vitamins,and amino acids that helps in absorption process and glucose processes in your body.

It is also founds in researches that almonds also controls the flood of sugar in your blood that helps in controlling diabetes in your body.

5.Keeps your heart healthy:- In researches it is found that those people who uses almonds in their meal have less risk of heart attack and also protects your heart from different heart diseases.

Almonds contains monounsaturated acids which is helpful for heart.It also contains Vitamin.Vitamin E contains antioxidants that which protects heart from inflammation that are harmful for your heart.

6.Treats acne,blackheads and more:-Most common skin problems like pimples, acne, blackheads or any other skin problems caused by pollution,dirt or oil trapped in the pores of skin. The fatty acids found in almonds controls the amount of oil secreted by the sebaceous glands and prevents break out.If you use almonds regularly,you definitely notice a reduction of acne and pimples on your face.[Health news]

Almond oil applied on skin soothes  inflammation and reduces rashes on skin.It also increases glow on your skin and protects skin from sun burn and many more.The benefits of almond oil is that it doesn’t make your skin oily and doesn’t closes skin pores. You can also apply almond milk on your face for effective benefits.

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7.Take care of your hair:-Lots of hair problems like dandruff,hair fall,dry hair or itching on scalp, both can be reduced by using almonds.It contains lots of hair friendly ingredients like Vitamin E, manganese,copper and fatty acids.These all ingredients helps your to make them longer,shining, soft and attractive.

It also stops hair graying.Almond oil also very useful in treating lots of hair troubles.It helps to curb hairfall and dandruff and prevents graying of hair.It also makes your hair silky and shiny too.

8.Makes bones healthy:- Almonds have enough amount of phosphorus and calcium that are more important for your bones.It also has magnesium, manganese and potassium that are helpful in keep your bones stronger.

To make your bones stronger and protects bones from harmful diseases it is advisable to use almonds regular in your diet. Massage your baby with almond oil to make their bones stronger.

9.Helpful in pregnancy:-Almond contains enough amount of folic acid that helps helps to build and develop cells and tissues in new born babies if regular given to a pregnant mother.It protects new born babies from Neural tube defects (NTDs) like spina bifida and anencephaly.
If any pregnant women is your home, advice her to use almonds in her diet that will protects her baby from malnutrition or any other diseases.


There are too many benefits of almonds.It is an effective natural ingredient that is required by your body to live you a healthy,beautiful and tension free life.
This post is written, just for information and knowledge about the benefits of almonds.Before taking any one of them,please consult you medical expert or dietician.
Thank you for reading.

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