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Simple and Effective tips to protect your skin in winter season.

Simple and Effective tips to protect your skin in winter season

Most people have different thoughts and likes and dislikes. Most of people like winter season for different reasons.But the big challenge is to protect your skin in winter season.Winter season is too cold and windy that it effects skin directly even in comparison to other parts of the body.

Your skin loses moisture from skin in winter season very soon and becomes dry.Dry skin can effects the flow of blood circulation that caused skin problems in winter.

We are here to discuss some tips that can helps you to keep your skin glowing and fair even in winter season.Read below about the tips to protect your skin in winter season:-

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How to protect skin in winter season.

1.Don’t forget to moisturize your skin daily in winter:-

Use a good quality moisturizer on your skin everyday after bath and use as you feel it is required. Moisturisers helps in maintaining skin moisture.

Always choose a good quality moisturizer that contains more oil in ratio to water.If your moisturizer contains more can able to keep your skin moisturize for longer.

Moisturizers can provides more benefits if it used just after bath on slight wet skin.After cleaning your body with towel after bath apply moisturizer to the whole body.

2.Body oil or massage oil are more useful:-Oil massage is a very good practice in winter season.Always use a quality product oil that cannot makes your skin too oily.Be sure that the oil can avoid closing skin pores and easily absorbed by your skin.

Olive oil are more popular and effective for skin in winter season.

Natural oils like rosemary oil, jojoba oil are beneficial in blood circulation of skin.These oils protects your skin in winter and provides heat to your body. Lavender oil and tea tree oil helps to moisturize your skin and prevents skin from burn.

3.Cleansers provides your glowing skin in winter:-Glycolic acid and Salicylic acid contained cleansers are good for your body.They helps in protecting skin pores and makes your skin soft and glowing. Cover your skin just after applying cleanser on skin that helps in protection of skin moisture.

4.Avoid in bathing too much hot water:-
Taking bath with hot water in winter provides more relief but do you know this relief is temporary and can harm your skin if it is taken for longer.It can damage the lipid layer of your skin. So,don’t take too much shower with warm water.

Try to use glycerin contained soap to bath.Glycerin is very good source to make skin moist and avoid dryness.

5.Take care of your heals:-In winter the most caring part of your body is your heals because it may gets effected soon in comparison to other parts and your heals look unhealthy,cracked and ugly.
Wash your heals using scrub while taking bath that pulls out dead skin from it.Apply a quality moisturizer at least twice a day contained with lactic acid. Use socks to keep your heals warm and protects from crack on skin.

6.Take care of your lips:- In winter your beautiful pink lips got white, dry and ugly.No need to worry just keep a quality lip balm always with you.Instead of using petroleum jelly,try to use lenonnin containing lip balm that can helps you to keep your lips soft and maoist for longer time.

7.Dry face in winter:- The hard and cold winds of winter contains humidity that can effects your skin and make them dry.
Try to avoid alcohol or chemical based beauty care products that provides results for a limited period and later it becomes the same.Your skin in winter gets too much dry and sensitive and if not taken care at time it will become more harmful or can harm your skin moisture.Always use home based remedy to cure some problems at least twice a day.

8.Tips for skin in winter season:- Your skin gets dry in winter season.Sudden change in weather from summer to winter,is not able to accepted by your skin too fast and it starts losing its moisture. Always try to use herbal moisturizer that can help you to keep your skin moisturize and toned for long time.

Try to avoid bathing with with warm water, because warm water can harms skin moisture and makes skin dry.

If you will not take bath in winter for long time can make your skin dry.That causes cracks in skin due to access dryness.If you want to get rid of dry skin than apply almond oil or coconut oil on whole Bady just after bath.Apply petroleum jelly on cracked skin. Protect your skin from cold wind in winter. Apply almond oil on face before going to bed.

9.Take care of your hair:-With the blowing of too much cold air and sudden change in weather might harm your hair also.Try to avoid making you hair wash daily because it can makes your hair dry.

After washing hair let it covered with towel for some time to keep hair moisture inside.Don’t use blower or dry to make your hair dry in winter.Try to massage your hair at least 3 days in a week with a herbal based oil.

10.Don’t decrease drinking water:- Lots of people avoid drinking too much water in winter because of too much cold and have like to drink tea and coffee etc.But don’t forget that your skin needs to be hydration from inside,out.A little warm water with adding some lemon in it is more beneficial.


Winter season liked by most of the people in the world for many reasons.It is also cool but sometimes it is not suitable for your skin and body if proper care is not taken at the same time.Try to take a good care of your skin in winter season by following tips given above and try to make some research by your own from other Sources also before applying the above tips.These tips are given just for idea and are helpful in knowledge about problems raise in winter season.
Thank you for reading.

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