How to get rid of chapped lips permanently

How to get rid of chapped lips permanently.

Skin related problems can suddenly attack anyone anytime. Chapped and cracked lips are also one of them.This problem is not so dangerous but it can make you feel shy with in your friend circle or even effects your impression. Most of the lips problems are rashes, peels,dryness,cracked and chapped, sometimes bleeding and paining also.You can’t ignore it and take it lightly because it may cause different problems related to your mouth.If you want to get rid of chapped lips permanently than this article for you…

The most common word you had heard, while your lips becomes dry that stop licking it but that is not the actual problem of dry or chapped lips..

Today we will discuss about the causes of chapped lips and some home made remedies to get rid of chapped lips permanently..lets go

get rid of chapped lips permanently

What are causes of chapped lips?

Lots of factors responsible for chapped lips..

1.Excessive licking of lips:-Some people I had personally seen,when they find their lips dry while talking or any other reason they start licking it.If you are also one of them than stop it today.It is harmful for your health too.

2.Damage due to sun rays:-In most cases it is found that chapped lips are caused due to direct sun rays or uv rays.If you have to spent your most of time under direct sun rays than you have to take care of your lips more.

3.Smoking and alcohol:- Smoking and taking alcohol is also one reason for chapped lips.

4.Using wrong toothpaste:-Sometimes toothpastes are also a reason for damaging skin of your lips.So you if notice any problem from your toothpaste than it’s time to change it today.

5.Allergies:-Sometimes allergies are also responsible for chapped lips lips.If you find any problem like that than consult your doctor soon.

6.Medications:- Sometimes medicines are also affects the lips skin.Medicines like retinoids and chemotherapy drugs are responsible for that.

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How to get rid of chapped lips permanently at home.

Here are some best treatable remedies to cure chapped lips..

1.Apply oil on lips:-You will find oil easily available at your home.You can use mustard oil,olive oil, coconut oil treat your chapped lips.People living in cold places must apply it will solve your chapped lips problem for long time.

2.Aloe Vera :-Aloe Vera is a herbal medicine that can be used in many treatments and can cure it very fast. Applying Aloe Vera can not only treat your chapped lips but also helps in removing the habit of licking because of its bitter taste.

3.Cucumber:-Cucumber is a type of natural ingredient that can help in providing relief to your lips if becomes more dry and itchy.You can make juice of cucumber or apply it directly on lips.It provides nourishment to your lips.

4.Rose petals:-Rose petals are one of the most effective remedy for chapped lips and making your lips rosy.It is easily found in market and some people grow at their home also.Mix rose petals with milk and apply on your lips.Apply two to three times in a day for better results.If you don’t have milk than you can you glycerin instead.

5.Using tea bags:- Tea bags on of most common and effective remedy for the treatment of dry and chapped lips.Just put used green tea bag on your lips directly and than wash it.You will see better results in few uses.

6.Mixture of rose water and glycerin:-Rose water and glycerin both are the most effective ingredients in winter season.Apply the mixture of rose water and glycerin on your lips at night and leave it for overnight for best results.It treats both dry and chapped lips and make your lips shiny and rosy.

7.Sugar for your lips:-Sugar helps in removing dead skin cells from your lips.Mix sugar with honey and apply on your lips.Let them dry for some time and with the help of your finger tips,rub your lips.After that wash it with lukewarm water.

8.Coconut oil:-Coconut oil have good properties to provide nourishment to your lips in winter season.You can apply coconut oil directly or mix with other natural oils like Olive oil,jojoba oil,almond oil etc for best results.

9.Sugar and lemon juice:- Lemon juice contains lots of natural properties for skin as well as for the whole body.Mix lemon juice and sugar together and apply on lips directly and rub your lips with light hand.This method helps you to remove dead cells and peels from your lips and also treats the problem of dark lips and cracked.

10.Honey:- Honey contains lots of  natural properties,it works as an antiseptic ingredient.Apply honey on your lips directly,it may provides your skin relief from pain, cracks,chapped or even dry lips. Honey can be find easily in market.


It you are one of them facing the problem of chapped lips than this article provides you some tips and remedies to get rid of chapped lips permanently.

Chapped or dry lips can damage your impression in Your friend circle,or even in the society where you have to face people every day.This is one of the necessary part of your beauty and confidence.The article is written is written for the knowledge of treating chapped lips problem in winter season.
Thank you for reading.