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Grow your health and beauty with date palm | khajur benefits

Grow your health and beauty with date palm | khajur benefits

Palm dates popularly known as “Khajur” in india.There are lots of benefits eating date palm in winter season.It has lots of natural elements required by our body like Iron,mineral, calcium,amino acid, phosphorus and vitamins.A single date contains 23 calories.Salt contains in dates help in making bones strong.It contains magnesium, calcium and selenium that are beneficial for bones.

Benefits of date palm

Fibre found in dates helps in improving digestive system.Lets talk about dates in brief below….

1.Provides quick energy

Date palms contains enough amount of glucose,fructose and sucrose.It helps in providing quick energy to your body.If you take 2 to 4 date palm in winter season it will be more beneficial for you.It is more beneficial if it is taken with milk.It also contains iron content and fibre that are more needy elements for human body.If it taken taken with milk it helps in providing great combination of calcium and fibre that helps body and bones more healthy and strong.

2.Helpful of milk feeding females

Using of date palm can decreases the risk of weakness in females feeding their new born babies.It is more beneficial for pregnant women or those who just gave birth to their babies.It also make oval strong that keeps your child safe before born.

3.Relive from tiredness

Date palm contains enough glucose, fructose and sucrose that provides quick energy to body. And provides relief from tiredness.Regular use of dates keeps you more active and healthy.

4.Beneficial for bones

Dates contains lots of natural elements that helps in making your bones healthy and strong.These elements are calcium,magnesium,selenium and copper.These elements are more helpful in building bones and make them healthy.

5.Helps in gaining weight

If your weight is very low and you want to gain weight to make your look smart or healthy then this is best for you.It contains sugar, vitamin and lots of other necessary elements required by your body which needs to gain weight.If your look is very skinny and want to gain weight than start from today,you will see results in some time.Eat 4 to 5 dates daily in your breakfast.

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6.Beneficial for skin

If you are suffering from any type of skin diseases than it is necessary for you to start taking date palm.Regular taking of date can helps your skin glowing and also reduces skin related problems.

7.Helpful in increasing immune system

Regular use of dates can save you from lots of diseases.It can improve your immune system.As already we discussed that it contains glucose and fructose that helps you in saving from several diseases.And you are able to live a healthy life.

8.Improve your digestive system

Because of poor quality food items and our busy lifestyle makes our digestive system unhealthy.It is more helpful for those people who has problem of indigestion and acidity etc.because dates contain fibre that helps in digestion which improves digestive system.Soak 2 to 3 dates in water for whole night and eat it in the morning.You will observe its benefits in few days.

9.Treats anemia

Date palm contains iron that is helpful in decreasing the risk of Anemia.It also helps in maintaining the blood level in your body.If you have blood related problems in your body can be treated through dates.It also contains fluorine which is helpful for your teeth.

10.Increases sexual problems

Benefits of date palm/khajur in hindi
Date palm can helps in improving sexual immunity in your body.And also decreases sex related problems.Soak dates in milk for whole night and mix with honey and eat in the morning.Try for few days you will get a better results.


Date palm has lots of natural benefits that are necessary for our body to live a healthy life.Before start using try to discuss with your medical practitioner that is it safe for you or not.

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