Hair Fall Solution

Hair Transplant surgery for hair loss treatment

Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair  Transplant surgery for hair loss  treatment.

Hair fall is a very common problem notice in all the human being either male,female, teenagers etc. The hair fall problem is growing rapidly day by day due to many reasons as I already mentioned in my earlier articles or you can also read Here.

It is impossible to give your personality a great look without a beautiful shining hair. Excess hair fall leads to the baldness one day. And due to baldness on head, a person looks 10 year more aged than his/her actual age.Everyone try lots of techniques and lots of treatments to stop hair but no result can be seen.

In present I think everyone should had heard the new technique to cure hair baldness and regrow lost hair i.e  Hair Transplant  method (hair transplant technique is not new but widely getting fast promotion and curable technique to bring hair back on scalp).

Let try see some basic facts about Hair Transplant surgery in brief:-

Question:-What is Hair Transplant surgery..?

Answer:-Hair Transplant is a surgical technique found by lots of researches,in this process the hair follicles are moved away from a part of the body which is called “donor site”or the area covering hair follicles (that are back parts of human head) to the balding part of the body which is known as “recipients site” or the are suffering from baldness problem(that parts are mostly on scalp part,sometimes it may be in eyelashes,eyebrows,beard hair etc).


Question:-What is the procedure of Hair Transplant surgery…??

Answer:-   Hair Transplant surgery is mostly use for regrow new hair follicles in the form of new hair. It is primarily use to treat male pattern baldness.In this transplant procedure,the hair follicles are called”grafts“. In this invasive procedure, grafts are taken from the the donor site area of the body and are transplanted to the  recipient site of the body. In the head section the hair grafts are take from back part of head and transplant to the  bald scalp area. It is also used to fill in scars caused by accidents or surgeries like face-lifts and any other  transplants.


Best methods used in hair transplant methods are:-  

i)FUT(Folliular unit transplantation)
In this method,the skin from back part of head is cut out in about 2 to 8 cms.After that the hairs follicles are take out from the skin and after that the bald scalp part of the head is dig out with the help of medicated needles in about 0.6 to 0.9 mm and implants hair follicles in the pores. These are called” grafts”. After that process, the cut part from the back side is stitched with thin strings that are not seen normally and are hide by other hairs. And after some time there also hair starts grow and the stitch part become invisible shortly.

ii)FUE(Follicular Unit Extraction)

In this method,machine is used to cut back part of head and other implants in front bald scalp.This process is same as the FUT process but the hairs of beards and chest, eyelashes,eyeliner etc are also transplanted. About 1800-2000 graphs are implanted in this method.If the problem of baldness not cured in first attempt than the patient will call again for second attempt and the second transplant is possible within 6 months or in an year.In hair transplant method hairs grow in natural ways,like from one grafts there should be 1 to 4 hairs will grow in a natural way.


Question:-Is there any side effects of hair transplant surgery.??

Answer:-The technique used in hair transplant is almost natural and there is not any artificial methods or products are used,so it not so dangerous.A small side effects are mostly seen in a very few patients that is Hair thinning that is called “Shock loss”.This is a common side effect and is temporary and curable in future. Bald patches are also common in body,here fifty to hundred hairs can be lost in a day.


Question:- Is it safe and curable to hair loss treatment.?

Answer:- As I studied, lots of writings of many experts and articles written by doctors and surgeons. I found its mostly safe and curable.

But one should have to gain a brief knowledge about the facts below:-


i.Place where you are going for.

If you decided for hair transplant then at first take out all the necessary informations about the hospital and clinicwhich you had selected.Don’t go in belive with advertisements you see.


ii)Knowledge about Doctor.

Before going for hair transplant it is must important to gain proper knowledge about the doctor,his practice,degree and knowledge etc. You may even ask him to tell about his experience and  practices  with  proof  and  curable treatment.


iii) Price Comparison.

Hair Transplant is even costly treatment.It needs lots of money sometimes it is more than your budget,so always take little bit time and compare prices between some certified medical firms and select best one for you suitable for your budget.


iv) Knowledge About technique.

You have the proper knowledge. Ask your Doctor about the method he is going to use on you.Ask him to explain in brief about the side effects and treatment results or any doubts in your mind.Do not hesitate to ask to avoid future problems.


The treatment of Hair Transplant becoming popular day by day.So I thought I also provide some knowledge which I have.The article written above are not my original content and I gain it from reading lots of articles and newspaper.I just written for those people who also facing the problem of hair fall like me can read it and get some ideas. But it requested before follow my articles get some more knowledge related to my content.


Please reply by your reviews ands suggestions about this post.How are you feeling after reading this post,please wright your important suggestions below in the comment box.

Thanks for reading.

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