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how to make hair black naturally without dye?

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how to make hair black naturally without dye

make hair black naturally without dye?
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Natural black hair has a beauty of its own. However, all of us are not born with natural black hairs.Lot’s of women have this question that how to make hair black naturally without dye

Moreover, in the current situation, when the environmental pollution is increasing rapidly with every passing day, premature greying has become a common hair problem for all.

There are lots of ways to get back your black natural looking hair.Hair coloring products available in the market are full of chemicals are harmful to your hair, instead, you can make your hair black naturally by applying natural home remedies at home.

Premature greying of hair in women is growing whole over the world and the main reason is improper diet, lack of melanin in the body can cause premature greying of hair.

how to make hair black naturally without dye

Some more reasons are responsible for premature of greying hair like lack of vitamins and chemical changes in your body, air pollution, stress, emotions and sometimes it is seen as a genetic problem too.

So, today we are here to talk about how to protect your hair from harmful chemical based products from the market and make hair black naturally without dye.No matter how much an expensive brand of hair color you are using, these colors are sure to destroy the natural pigments of your hairs over time and make your grey.

In addition to that, often these colors are not safe for your eyes and skin.

Here we have provided some best home remedies to get black hair naturally without dye.

how to make hair black naturally without dye

how to make hair black naturally without dye

Most of the people are fond of thick black hair.But, at the same time, wise people do not wish to spoil their hair with the applications of hair coloring products available in the market (as we earlier discussed).

We normally think of white hair at the age of 45 to 50.But nowadays, it takes place at a very early age (ages may not vary because I observed my classmate’s hair turned white at the age of 13, she color his hair every month and again next month it turns white again).

make hair black naturally without dye?
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Sometimes those products you are using to color your hair can increase the problem of white hairs more.Also can increase hair loss problem in women, so it’s better to use home remedies for your hair instead of using such harmful products.

If you also want to make hair black naturally without dye,and want to become free from using chemical based colors and shampoos than these natural remedies for hair are perfect option for you, by using the ingredients available at your home and become your own hair expert by learning how to stop hair loss in women and treat them naturally.

Home remedies to get black hair naturally

how to make hair black naturally without dye

Most women have lots of doubts in their mind,that which method works fast?, which may work better?

So, to answer and to clear all doubts related to hair coloring is discussed in brief:

Black Teabags

One of the most effective home remedy to turn your white premature hair into naturally black is by applying black tea bags to your hair.

You need a few black tea bags and boil them in the water for some time.

Now, strain the mixture by filtering out and apply the content to your hair and scalp evenly.

This mix is loaded with antioxidants and antiseptic properties that helps in reviving the brittle hair follicles.You must repeat the gorgeous hair pack at least twice a week for effective results and rinse your hair with cold water.

Black mole or Til seeds

Black moles or til is an effective ingredient for your hair, if you are suffering from premature greying hair than, soak some black moles or til in water.After that make a paste of those black moles in a mixture.

Now, apply black mole paste on your scalp and hair and leave it for at least an hour and then wash it off with a mild shampoo and cold water.

Ribbed guard

Soak ribbed gourd in coconut oil at least for three days and then heat it until it gets black, now apply the mixture to the roots of your hair and massage gently.Apply the mixture with massage for at least four days in a week.It brings back the lost melanin in your hair.


To make your hair black again, lemon is one of the best ingredient ever.Take lemon juice in a bowl and mix amla paste in it.Apply it to your hair and scalp and massage for few minutes before going to bath.

Apply this process at least for three months. This process can reduce the premature greying your hair and stop hair fall problem too.

Pure cow ghee

If you apply and massage pure cow ghee on your hair regularly, then in a very short period of time you can observe that it is working.Cow ghee is more effective in reducing the problem of white hair.

how to make hair black naturally without dye

how to make hair black naturally without dye

There are many ways that might help you to darken your hair naturally permanently without dye.Let see what are they…

1.Before going to bath apply onion paste on your head and scalp.There are many benefits of onion for hair.It also regrows your lost hair and regular use may transform your white hair in black.

2.Black mole or til oil is the best ingredient for your hair.If you also have the question, how to make hair black naturally without dye? then apply black mole or til oil regular on your hair and also you may include it in your diet as an ingredient.

3.Make a ginger paste and mix honey in it, now apply it on your hair and then wash yours with cold water.Apply the process at least twice in a week. Very soon you will observe that your white hair is becoming black.

4.Take half cup of coconut oil or olive oil and slightly heat it.After that mix 4gms naphthalene in it and apply it on your head at least once a week.It reduces dandruff problem with your hair and also make your hair natural looking black.

5.Apply the black henna mixture on your hair is also beneficial in making hair black naturally from the roots.Mix black henna in water and apply to your hair and leave it for overnight.wash it in the morning.

how to darken hair naturally permanently?

Neem leaves

Do you ever thought that how neems leaves are beneficial for your hair?, But yes, neem leaves are most beneficial for your hair if you have the problem of premature hair greying or white hair problem.If you also want to take the benefits of neem leaves, see here…

Soak some neem leaves in water for a whole day, and make a paste of that soaked leaves and apply that neem paste on your hair, leave it on your hair for at least 2 to 3 hours on your hair. After that wash it with a natural ayurvedic shampoo.This process will reduce all problems related to your hair and scalp.

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how to make hair black naturally without dye

Amla for your hair

Most of the people know the benefits of amla for health and body, including hair too.Amla provides natural darkness to your hair and also makes your hair naturally thick and silky too.

For making amla paste, take some dry amla and grind them in a grinder.After that put that pastes for at least 10 days in an iron vessel, slowly its color gets black brown than apply that paste on your hair and leave it for one to two hours.

After that wash it off with ayurvedic shampoo or conditioner.This process brings natural blackness to your hair, Apply it for at least 3 to 6 months.

Fenugreek seeds and powder

Fenugreek powder seeds and its powder is very beneficial for your hair. Fenugreek powder contains keratin, forming acid, silicon, zinc etc.that are mostly required by your hair.

These elements make your hair roots stronger and also provides nourishment to them.

At first, Make a paste of fenugreek seeds in a powder form.Now add water and make a paste by mixing them well.

And apply to your hair, it provides lots of benefits to your hair.It reduces dandruff from your hair, and your hair looks naturally black forever.

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Sankhpushpi oil is one of the best treatment for hair, regular use of sankh pushpi oil provides natural shine to your hair and also your hair becomes thick and silky, and naturally black.

Sage water hair remedy

Take a few sage leaves about a handful and soak them in water.Boil these leaves for some time and later put them in a bottle with a nozzle to gently spray them on your hair everytime you oil your hair.Post this, rinse them with lukewarm water.

Repeat this twice or thrice a week for amazing results.Sage leaves are enriched with antiseptic and antioxidant properties that help in promoting natural hair growth thereby preventing hair loss and premature greying too.

Thank you For reading this post.what you think or feel after reading this post how to make hair black naturally without dye?,assist us and encourage by your suggestions to bring more informations to you.

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