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Is oral sex safe??diseases and tips for safe oral intercourse.

Is oral sex safe??diseases and tips for safe oral intercourse.

Article by Vivek Guru

The word oral sex is still a big question mark in the mind of people that is oral sex safe?Doing oral sex is correct or not?Is oral sex causes cancer and diseases?This type of questions are confusing people yet and due to rumors and disbelief, lots of couples are not able to enjoy their sexual activities.

In some countries of the world oral sex is used as coomon and in some it is used in less.In country like India,oral sex is believed as irreligious and dirty process of kamasutra etc etc.I don’t want to talk on that and I will try to decrease the misconceptions as much as I can…Lets first know about oral sex in brief…

What is oral sex??

Oral sex means stimulating your partners genital or anal area by using your mouth and tongue.

Oral sex can be a good way to discover new pleasures to your partner.

According to health experts,Oral sex is the medium of enjoying sexual feeling without doing sex.”If you want to give some break to your sexual activity,you can apply oral intercourse,” Lindsey Palmer.

Oral intercourse is helpful in sexual activity to stimulate your partner and provide a better sex experience.

Before going for oral intercourse it is necessary to take permission of your partner.It depends of their choice that they like it or not.In oral sex,females have to take your sex organ in their mouth,most of the females don’t like it.If your partner is agreed for this that means you are lucky one. It is found in most of the researches that most of the people enjoy oral sex more than sexual intercourse.In this method female have to take male sex organ in their mouth very carefully, and take some precautions too.

You had seen oral sex in many porn movies and videos.Oral sex provides both the partners a reliable,enjoyable and better sex experience.In spite of that,oral sex is not acceptable in countries like India.Today we will discuss about correct method of doing oral sex.

Oral sex is popular from long time as is helpful in protecting your female partner from pregnancy,and harmful disease like sexual transmitted diseases .(STD).It can reduce the risk of pregnancy but have the risk of sexually transmitted infections (STI).So it is necessary to know

how to do safe oral sex??

Tips of safe oral sex.

Discuss your partner:-Sometimes your partner is not ready for it or have some rumors in their mind related to oral sex.You have to talk about it with and make them understand in brief and take their permission for it.It is a good thing from a point of view of a good relationship also.

Take care of cleanliness:-It is necessary to keep your private part and organ clean for oral sex.Dirt in organ and bad smell are the hated reasons of not doing oral sex.If you want to enjoy it for long time than clean properly and make hygienic to enjoy.

Protection during oral sex:-While performing oral sex it is necessary to take care of safety more than your desire.Don’t become mad during sex because it is not the work of a single day and related to the health and life of both the partners.Lack of proper hygiene and bad odours are the reason of inflection during oral sex.

It is necessary to keep your private part and organ clean for oral sex.Dirt in organ and bad smell are the hated reasons of not doing oral sex.If you want to enjoy it for long time than clean properly and make hygienic to enjoy.

Oral sex protection tips:-Always keep all the safety and precautions while performing oral sex.You can use the following items for safety during oral sex..

Dental Dam:-Dental is a type of thin plastic layer sheet that can put on the vagina of females at the time of oral sex.

Condom:-Condom is the most effective safety ingredients during sex.Lots of flavored condoms are available in the market that may increase your sexual satisfaction.

Good place and position:-Always choose a safe and enough place or position to perform oral sex. Otherwise sometimes it may be harmful due to imbalance by your body.

Make yourself creative:-Creative does mean hang your partner in air and enjoy sex with her.Here creative means take enough time to let feel your partner that they are safe with you.This will make your oral sex more enjoyable.

Try to hit the sensitive parts:-Females got more excited when their sensitive parts are touched or kissed by their loving one.If you do that they allow you do more freely whatever you want to do and you are able to enjoy more.

Best use of fingers and mouth:-While oral intercourse,try to kiss and touch whole body with your lips and fingers. Even more in between this try to give some love bites and lick to make them more excited and enjoyable and increase your sexual and married life more happy.

Method of orgasm for complete relief during sex:-Oral sex is a very good mode of enjoying orgasm without doing sex.At the time of orgasm,don’t be too fast or too slow.Just do whatever going on. Don’t be more excited during orgasm and just feel it to enjoy.

Oral sex is an exciting sexual activity that gives more satisfaction and excitement to any couple before sex intercourse.But has some unwanted risks too.So try to take care while performing it.

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Is oral sex safe??

Let see the expert suggestions to understand more:-

Relation of oral sex to throat cancer:-Normally it is said or believed that oral sex causes throat cancer.

Otis Brolly,MD. chief of American Cancer Society said that” yes,it is possible to have throat cancer due to oral sex”.
But it is also true that oral sex is safe also from oral sex.Main reason of throat cancer is HPP (human popilomavirus) which can transform from one partner to another during sex.Oral sex is also included in this.

It is also to be noted that HPP is normal and cannot cause cancer in every cases or situations.

Brolly said that,”Till it is not exactly found that how many people suffering from cancer due to oral sex or how much of them have oropharyngeal cancer yet.HPP can be caused to both male and female.

Doctors know very well that orapharyngeal cancer is treatable if the patient give away his bad habits like drinking and smoking.

Brolly said that,”no,proper treatment is researched or proved to treat the problem,but proper knowledge among people can able to decrease such diseases in future”.

Some depressed and some have better relationship:-Sex therapist of California,Luan Col Weston says,”oral sex provides better relationship to some couples whereas it gives depression on the other side”.She says that the main reason of depression is the fear of hygiene during oral sex and problem arise by that.

Weston said a partner don’t wish to do oral sex because he might confused about his partner’s reaction.
Some people get in depression because they have doubt on their own performance that are they eligible to satisfy their partner well or her interest also.

Oral sex is normal but not risk free:-Terry Warren,owner of Westover heights clinic,Portland said that,”Oral sex is not safe.It is safe in comparison of other sexual activities but it is not safe”.
Lots of STD diseases can transform from one partner to another like HIV,Itches and ring worms,viral hepatitis etc.from oral sex.

Oral sex is popular among teenagers:-University of California,pediatrics professor of San Francisco,Bonny Heparn-Felsar said,”Teenagers don’t think it’s a big problem or anything wrong.She says that, most teenagers believe that oral sex is safe and exciting for social, emotional and even healthy also.

Sexologist Dr.Mahesh Nawal said that, If both partners don’t have any sexual disease and their private parts are clean and hygienic than there is nothing to be worry and it is safe.He also says that you have to take care of interest of your partner also otherwise it will harm your married and sexual life if you force your partner to do that.


Is oral sex safe?? Can you able to enjoy it without any fear??With this question and to find their solutions this article is written.As already mentioned above oral sex is not dangerous if it can perform carefully and take care of your partner’s interest and hygiene.

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