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Masturbation-benefits and side effects

Masturbation-benefits and side effects

Masturbation is become a common sexual activity.It is natural and safe way to explore your body.Masturbation name actually defines males sexual activity.

Most male and teenagers masturbate to make them sexually satisfy.But sexual satisfaction is also necessary for females also.It is also a common of masturbation in females. Females masturbate too.

But do you know masturbation has lots of benefits and side effects. Today you will read those factors in brief.So read more below..

Benefits of masturbation.

Many people have lots of myths about masturbation but those are not all of them true.

It is only a self satisfaction sexual activity that is done alone by the doing person instead of there is need of two person in physical sex.And Masturbation helps most of the guys in many ways let’s discuss..

1.It helps in relieving stress:-  It is proved that after sex or masturbate most guys feel more relaxed and able to concentrate on their work or job.

2.Better Sleep:- Each and every married person knows very well that they have a deep relaxed sleep at night after sex because of tiredness.In the same ways after masturbation you will get a good night sleep.

3.Helps in mood building:- Like physical sex,masturbation also have a mood changing capacity after ejaculate.It gives relief and lower stress and makes you ready.

4.Free from sex diseases:- Those people who are married don’t have problem.  But the people who are unmarried and want sex,what will they do..Obviously they find a partner or paid sex that will waste too much time and money and risk of unwanted pregnancy or sexual diseases.So it’s better to have a self sex like masturbation.

5.Lower the risk of cancer:- Lots of studies found that the person masturbate more than 5-6 times in a week,he has low risk of harmful killer diseases like cancer, masturbation works as an exercise also.

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Side effects of masturbation.

As I always talk in my articles that any thing if can be done in limit is beneficial but it is used more than its capacity it starts showing an effect that we called side effects. Masturbation is not a crime or not harmful but if it can be done too much it can harm you a lot physically.   So let’s discuss about its side effects and later how to prevent from it.

1.Premature Ejaculation:- If you have regular habit to masturbate it may cause the problem of premature ejaculation that can lower your fun after marriage as you can’t able to enjoy sex for long time.

2.Makes sperm thinner:- Regular habit of masturbating may release your sperm out and don’t get enough time to form new one because it takes time.So,try to decrease the habit of masturbating regularly.

3.Breaking of penis strength:-  Sometimes when people are on their climax while masturbating, they start moving so fast and this may sometimes damage penis nerves due to tight hold and lose penis strength.

4.Increases depression in your mind:- Regular masturbating forms a fear and guilt in your mind after ejaculation. People feels guilty and sometimes depressed due to fear of its side effects.

5.Increases desire of physical sex:-     Exess habit of masturbating demands real physical sex partner that sometimes give negative results like unwanted pregnancy, crimes like rape and seduction, HIV etc.

For married people it starts fight with your partner if sometimes she is not ready for making relationship with you.It creates domestic violence in many cases.


Masturbation is a common self sexual activity that is scientifically safe and helps in many self satisfaction activities of your body.

But many myths about masturbation is growing in mind of the people that is it wrong or un religious,I don’t want to talk about that but its not a crime or diseases but it should be in limit that is advisable.
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