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Oral sex-good or bad for your health

Oral sex-good or bad for your health

Oral sex is an activity performed by the both male and female during sex.It is also known as oral intercourse.It is performed by using lips,mouth,tongue or teeth.

Cunnilingus is oral sex performed on a female,while Fellatio is oral sex performed on male.Anilingus is another form of oral sex,is oral performed on a person’s anus. Some couples practice cunniilingus and fellatio at the same time.This activity is normally called “69”because the motion viewed from other side is looks like 6 and 9.

While performing oral sex two person joins physically and emotionally with each other for a better sex experience. But oral sex is both good and bad for human heath.If it can be performed carefully without any hurry and unwillingly it is safe but if you are performing without proper knowledge it might harmful for you.

Today we will discuss good and bad effects of oral sex on your body and how can you protect yourself from it. So let’s discuss good effects about oral intercourse..

Pros of oral sex in your body.

Oral sex is an activity where a couple play intercourse with their organs by licking and sucking using lips and tongue.It helps in exciting their sex experience.But do you know oral sexuality has some good effects if it performed safely.

1.Helps in relieving stress:-A big health benefits of oral sex is lower the blood pressure after intercourse and reduces stress.It was found in lots of researches practiced on both male and female that after oral intercourse their body blood pressure low down and they feel a great experience.

2.Helps in boosts immunity:-Good sexual experience comes from a better physical health.Having sex once or twice a week has been found more effective and beneficial,which can protects you from colds and other infections.

3.Helps in calories burning:-30 minutes of sex burns 85-90 calories in your body.It sound so less,but it add up and depends on your performing positions during sex and your capacity.
“Sex is a great mode of exercise,” says Patti Britton,pHd, a los Angeles sexologist.It takes work from both physical and physiological perspectives,to do well,she says.

4.Increases Intimacy:-Sex is a very sensitive and most enjoyable moment of human life.Sexual activity has numerous benefits for you and your partner. Varying your sexual activity incorporating oral sexuality helps to keep you both satisfied with your love life.Oral sexuality makes your partner more satisfied and your sex experience become more enjoyable and exciting.
It is to be keep in mind that your are presenting a clean and hygienic penis or vagina to you partner to avoid future problems before starting oral intercourse.

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Cons of oral sex for your health

Oral intercourse or oral sexuality is a necessary part of foreplay before sex now a days.But do you know that excitement sometimes becomes more dangerous one.

So before doing anything unusual gather knowledge about that as much as you can. I am trying to discuss some important from them that can helps in protecting your sexual life from harmful disease.So read it carefully and also collect some more informations from elsewhere.

1.Oral sex relates to throat cancer:- It is said and also research proved that oral sex cause throat cancer.”It is possible that you have to face throat cancer due to oral sex,”says Oatis Brolly, chief medical officer,American cancer society.
It is also true that oral sexuality can decrease the risk of cancer. Actually the main reason of cancer is Human papilloma Virus(HPV) that can transfers from one person to other during sex includes oral sex.

2.Yeast infection:-Yeast infection is another effects of oral sex.When a male sucks female vagina,the white particles present in the vagina enters in the male mouth that infects mouth salivary glands and cause various infections and disease.So before going for oral sex you should sure that the vagina or penis you are going to suck should clean and hygienic.

If I say personally,there is not so much risk or anything to be worry about oral sexuality or oral intercourse. Many people spread rumors but all that are not true if we talk about it scientifically.But some things are very much important before going for oral sex.You have to keep in mind that take necessary precautions to avoid unwanted risks at all.

Make sure the private part should be clean properly.If possible use flavored condom while doing oral intercourse.And the most important thing never do anything in hurry because your organs are very sensitive,a more force can harm them quickly.


Oral sex is part of sex life.It helps both partners in foreplay and make their sex experience more enjoyable and satisfying.The article is written just to inform some important details and rumors about oral sexuality. please comment below related query or suggestions.
Thank You for reading.

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