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How to remove tarter and plaque on teeth naturally

How to remove tarter and plaque on teeth naturally

Just think with me for second that some day we are going for a job interview or for any presentation to your clients.You dressed well and looking too much charming but when your start talking a bad odour coming from your mouth and your yellow teeth containing tarter can falls you impression in a second.Tartar and plaque on teeth may break down your confidence in just a moment.

If you already facing the problem I had mentioned above than no need to worry any more and I am going to about that problem in brief and about its solution to cure it completely and naturally at home.

What you read below:-

  • 1.How tartar and plaque may occurs on teeth
  • 2.How to remove tarter and plaque naturally at home.
  • 3.How to get rid of tartar and plaque.
  • 4.How to take care of your teeth.

How tarter or plaque may occurs on teeth.

Tartars are the caused due to chewing of betel nuts,smoking, drinks or other eating habits.Some tartars may also occurs due to excess use of tea,coffee,soft drinks etc.sugar particles present in this drinks may stick a layer on teeth.

These layer of tartar may disappear the whiteness of your teeth and also may occurs some diseases in the body and effects the roots of your teeth.If your teeth are also effects by tartar and you want to get rid of them than I am going to share some home made treatment tips than can be done at home and are really effective one.

Sometimes after eating our meal we forget to brush our teeth and some food particles remains in mouth later it gives born to harmful bacteria that results bad odours from mouth.That bacteria can change that food particles into acid.That acid mix with your saliva and makes a thick sticky gel.This gel stick to our teeth and due to lack of proper cleaning of mouth and teeth it fixed on teeth and results tartar.

  • How to remove tarter and plaque naturally at home.

Many people go to dentist and spent lots of money to clean that tartar.But today I am going to share cheap and effective tricks to clean tartar and plaque at home naturally.lets see what are they :-

1.Baking Soda:-Baking soda also known as “sodium bicarbonate”, is one of the best effective ingredient to remove Tartar on teeth. The carbon present in the soda may reduce the harmful bacteria present on your mouth.It also helps in whitening the teeth again.


Take a bowl and add 2tbsp of baking soda in it and 1 tbsp of salt

Now,with the help of your toothbrush dip in soda and salt mixture and rub on your teeth directly.

Apply this 3-4 days in a week.

2.White Vinegar:-white vinegar contains acetic acid than can helps in protecting teeth enamel and reduce and prevents of increase of plaque on teeth.white vinegar contains antibacterial properties that helps in cleaning.


Mix 3-4 tbsp of white vinegar with 1tbsp of salt and add 1cup luke warm water in it.

Now,rinse your mouth with the solution for sometime and throw it

Apply the mixture once or twice daily for best results.

3.Chewing of bubble gum:-If you are too much busy person and you don’t have enough time to do anything than the best treatment for you is chewing of bubble gum. It helps in whitening your teeth as well as make your teeth gum strong and healthy.It helps in removing yellow layer on your teeth if you a habit of chewing gum.

4.Mustard oil and salt:-Mustard oil has lots of natural health care quality that people are using from ancient time.


Mix 1 tbsp of mustard oil and with Half tbsp of salt.

Now with the help of your fingers rub it on your teeth gently and after that wash it.

Apply daily if possible for best results.

5.Lemon juice:-Lemon juice contains citric acid that helps in whitening.

Take 2 tbsp of lemon juice and half tbsp of salt and rub on your teeth with the help of your finger.

Apply daily if possible.

6.Salt:-Salt has lots of beneficial health properties that helps immunity in our body.

Rub salt on your teeth directly.Salt can kill bacteria present on teeth and also clean your teeth.Also helps in protecting teeth your from bacteria and remove yellow tartar.

Don’t rub on your teeth gum otherwise it harms your gum.

7.Orange peels:-Orange contains Vitamin C that is most effective element required by our body.But orange peels also contains medicinal properties that are helpful to us.

Rub orange peels directly on your teeth at night before going to bed.It might kills bacteria in your mouth and also helps in whitening your teeth.

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How to get rid of tartar and plaque on teeth.

Regular brushing,using of green tea, intake of light food and less use of carbohydrated and fatty food will helps in prevention of tartar on teeth.

Clean your teeth and gum regularly with good quality cleaners.

With cleaning of your teeth you need some precautions and have to avoid sugar rich foods,smoking habit,hard food,non-vegetarian and unhygenic foods also.

Unhygenic mouth may leads and worsen the tartar and plaque problems in your mouth.


Teeth is an important part of your beauty. If your teeth looks dirty that means your beautiful face is going meaningless. So try to keep your mouth and teeth clean to avoid tartar and plaque on teeth that worsens your beauty.

How much helpful this article is please give your valuable suggestions and reviews to inspire the writer.

Thank you for reading.

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