Side effects of eating eggs everyday

Side effects of eating eggs more everyday.

Everyone know that there are many benefits of eating eggs.It is good for health but do you know that excess eating of eggs are harmful for your health. The white part of egg is not good for your health. Lots of diseases can take place if it consumed more everyday. Do you know the white part of eggs does contain cholesterol.

It is low fat and low calorie part of egg but in spite of that it is not good for health.It can cause lots of allergies and diseases in body.

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Whole eggs contains high fat, calorie and cholesterol.If you consume eggs everyday can take you to the risk of heart disease by increasing your blood cholesterol levels. High cholesterol directly relates to weight gain if you eat too many.

Let’s discuss more about side effects of eating eggs for your health.please read below more about them…

Side effects of eating eggs everyday.

1.Contains high Cholesterol:-If you consume more amount of eggs everyday that means you are consuming huge amount of cholesterol to your diet. Cholesterol is fatty,waxy substance that builds up in your arterial walls when you have too much in your blood.As it builds in your arteries,it makes them hard and stiff and causes blood clots to form.

After that your heart have to work hard to throw that blood out and leads to high blood pressure. These harmful effects of cholesterol on your heart leads to the problem of heart attack and heart diseases.It is to keep in mind that try to avoid eating eggs everyday or if you lover of egg than take at least one to control  cholesterol and problems raised in future.

2.Risk of salmonella:-Raw eggs contains albumin bacteria in it, which spoils eggs albumin. Salmonella is a kind of bacteria that is found in the intestinal part of hens as well as in their body also.To kill salmonella bacteria you need cook eggs more carefully and high temperature. The eggs that are not cooked properly can also contains bacteria.

3.Decreases the amount of biotin:-If you consume the white part of eggs everyday can reduce the amount of biotin.Biotin are also known as Vitamin H and vitamin B7.Lack of biotin can leads to many skin diseases in both children and adults. Due to lack of biotin in body can cause skin problems,muscle pain and other problems like unwanted diseases. Try to avoid eating eggs everyday and reduce the risk related to your health.

4.Problem of Allergy:-Most of the people have allergy with the white part of eggs. They also have allergy with albumin protein. Cough, cold, sneezing, pimples, rashes,vomiting,constipation etc are side effects of allergy of eating eggs.In very short period these diseases transform into a big problem if it is not treated immediately.

5.More amount of protein:- According to doctors,if you have any problem related to your kidney than protein is harmful for you. Those people who GF rate is low have more risk and protein is dangerous for them.In spite of that doctors advice not only to GFR patients but also to a healthy person that about 60% protein comes from eggs and too much protein is also not so beneficial.If a have liver problem and still consuming eggs in your diet than consult your doctor and ask more about it.

Precautions taken to avoid side effects of eating eggs.

1.Use less oil:-If you want to make omlet or any dish using eggs than take care of amount of oil used in it.Because both contain cholesterol not good for health.

2.Avoid if you have allergy:- Most of the people have allergy with eggs,sometimes it is hard to identify.But if you feel some problems like skin redness, pimples, rashes,vomiting,sneezing,itching etc that are signs of Allergy.

3.Risk of infection:-In summer days try to avoid taking eggs because it may cause infections and harmful for health,so try to cook eggs well before eating.If you are going out for eating egg products than be sure that the eggs are cooked well and hygienic because half cooked eggs  contains salmonella bacteria in it that causes lots of diseases in your body.

4.Avoid eggs:- Eggs are not suitable for people have high blood pressure, diabetes,and heart diseases.Because eggs contains more cholesterol that are not suitable for these patients.


Above mentioned side effects of eating eggs are just an general information about taking care that Sometimes more beneficial foods can be more dangerous to your health.Try to eat as less as you can to maintain the level of cholesterol, fats and protein in your body.So,never consume half cooked eggs and hygienic that are bacteria free.

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