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Side effects of hair transplant


Side effects of Hair Transplant.

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Hair Transplant is growing rapidly and become popular day by day.It is found one of the easiest way to cure hair baldness or hair loss problem.It’s become the new way of surgery who returns your hair on your head very soon. No one can see your bald head for long after the hair transplantation surgery.But everyone know that every good things have a bad effects. we will talk about side effects of hair transplant.

Actually,people become panic when they see hair fall on their head.Because a concept in mind occurs everyone that without hair they look ugly,and that is also true, without hair on head you look like a old person or ten years more than your actuall age.With the worry of that reason lots of people try lots of treatments to save their hair but some works and some are failed to give a better and satisfying result and  stop hair fall for  some  time  but can’t work completely to stop hair fall permanently.

For regrow hair and hide baldness many tricks and treatment are now available in market who claims to cure the problem without any harm.But the reality is totally different, one more popular treatment who claims to regrow hair with surgery i.e Hair Transplant.Everyone had heard aur search on Google about this method who is facing hair baldness problem.

The medical or hospitals whoever advertise about this claims that we do without any side effects.But it is not true,the process of hair Transplant also has many side effects. Today,we will discuss about that side effects..

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Side effects of hair transplant in brief below:-

1.Hemorrhage infections.

Hemorrhage is seem to be common side effect seen in patient just after surgery or at the time of surgery.This infection is caused generally with many reasons like inexperienced surgeon treating surgery on scalp.So always try to take complete knowledge about the surgeon you choose for your treatment.Sometimes you choose wrong place and surgeons in hurry.The use of unhygenic and unhealthy surgery instruments are also causes of side effects.So try to choose best health center.


Itching is also a side effect of hair transplantation surgery experience by the patient.This side effects are seen mostly when the surgery not done properly or by an new and inexperienced surgeon.Sometimes the grafts are filled deeply or with heavy hands.This problem is not stay for long time as one should have to take care completely.



Pain is also a common problem seen in patients after surgery.It is temporary that don’t stay for long time and cured in some days.If necessary one should take pain killers adviced by consultant.


Many patients feels the problem of swelling after the surgery.The reason may vary in different patients,some have scalp problem or might surgery mistakes.It is not stay for long and be cured in less time after consulting your medical expert.


Bleeding is also seen one of the side effects of hair transplant surgery.It is seen in many patients that the area stiched after surgery. But it might also curable when precautions are taken at time and under medical representative.

6.Hair Thinning

If you are  going to take  hair transplant surgery it  might cause hair  thinning  problem after surgery
Your previous hairs might got thin as the procedure of hair transplant means put out hair grafts from one  part and put-in in other part with no hair.This might be normal in few month after the surgery with good care.


In many cases,some kinds of infections are found in patients. It is caused for many reasons or mistakes either by patient or surgeon.So many medicals prescribe lots of antibiotics before and after the surgery,so no need to worry more about it But proper cure is necessary by your side.


Cysts are also a side effect of hair transplantation surgery.It is seen in the recipient area of the head(or the part where hair grafts are put).These are not lasts for very long and can be cured in few weeks. They are seemed to be a quite large in size of small pimples.


Hair Transplant surgery might going popular day by day as it the fast method of regain lost hairs and cure baldness problem in both men and women.It is growing very fast in the hair grow business.The technology used in this method are totally researched from long and are mostly giving good results and provide benefits to lots of people.But some major kind of precautions should be taken while going of this surgery.Other wise it is advisable for both male and female who are facing the problem of hair loss and baldness.But it is also necessary that don’t take any decision in hurry that might create problem for you.At first take out complete ideas and knowledge about the surgery and the place you decided for the surgery.


I tried to find out some common side effects not for giving worry to anyone,in fact this article is written just for the knowledge of people that some precautions   and  cares must save you from lots of small problems that might unnecessarily hurt and gives unusual new problems. The post is not the original research of the author and are written on the basis of skills and personal readings of the author.


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