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Simple tips to take care of your lips in winter season naturally

Simple tips to take care of your lips in winter season naturally.


Winter winds can effects not only your skin but to your lips also. Do you want to know how can you take care of your lips in winter season?? Just read the article full.

Lips are very sensitive part of body that needs more care.But it is very horrible to dry lips in winter and cracks are seen on them.Sometimes it might get big cracks and painful.

In winter your lips become more dry and ugly,for get rid of that people use lots of chemical based lip balms and petroleum jelly that are not suitable for lips.Some times it makes your lips darker and many side effects or allergy,if it is inhaled by mistake. If you are also one of them who using such products yet,I suggest you to stop it and try some natural and cost effective treatments to take care of your lips in winter season. That are more beneficial and provides your lips a good nourishment and shine even without any make-up.

Today,in this article we are going to discuss reasons that why you have to face the problem and you should have to avoid,and after that some important simple remedy to take care of your lips in winter as well as in summer too.So lets discuss on the solutions and remedies that will help you to make your lips nourished and beautiful….

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Tips to take care of your lips in winter season-causes and remedies…

1.Always use such lips balm that contain herbal ingredients.This type of balm are easily available in the market that are chemical free and have good natural properties.If you don’t find such than you can use petroleum jelly based lip balm if you are in hurry.Always apply lips balm before go out from home and keep that balm with you.

2.If you are also one of them who has habit of licking their lips when it feels dry than try to avoid it because when you are out in open environment,your lips get polluted due to dust and mud and this may cause infection or make you sick due to bacterial infections.And also this habit can make your lips more dry if you think by licking you are making them wet.Apply herbal based lip balm that are bitter in taste that can help you to put off your habit of licking.If you find it impossible than apply flavored balm,but be sure the balm should have natural properties not chemical based.

3.Always breath from your nose not from your mouth.Lots of people u have seen that,if they have the problem of cold and sneezing,they start taking breath from their mouth.You have to avoid it.

4.Many beliefs are there in summer drink lots of water,but in winter season it is hard to drink enough because of less thrust.But your body needs to be hydrated throughout the year.So,drink plenty of water even in winter also to keep your body and skin hydrated even in winter too.

5.UV rays are also a big from for some sensitive skin types.If you also think that you have a sensitive skin,then try herbal SPF based sunscreen on your face when you go out under direct sun rays.This will help you to protect your lips from uv rays and becomes dry.

6.Lots of guys in today’s generation have them habit of smoking,taking alcohol, chewing tobacco etc.If you are also one of them than forgive this habit today or decrease it in comparison to your daily limits.Because alcohol and smoking are the enemies of your lips.Smoking makes your skin dark and dry and alcohol can kills their nourishment.

7.If your lips are already dry and have cracked on them,and paining also then you have to apply honey on them.Honey contains antiseptic properties that are beneficial for your lips.Honey can make your lips not only soft and crack free but also provides you relief from pain.

8.If you have already pain on your lips due to cracks than avoid using any type of lipsticks or chemical based make-up ingredients on them for some days otherwise it will gives you more pain.

9.If your lips are dry in winter and have started releasing skin peels on it than,if you are able to exfoliate it than carefully pull the peels from lips or you can use soft brush to scrub it to throw out skin peels and after that apply lip glass on it to make them clean and soft.

10.While choosing for a lip balm always see your properties and uses carefully.If the balm contains menthol,rennitol,or bear than avoid using them.It is best for you choose a herbal based lip balm containing herbal properties or have Vitamin E based.

11.Always eat healthy diet because it plays a heavy role in making your skin and body health proper.Many people like to eat spicy,more caffeine based drinks hot drinks etc.But it is also important to take care of your health also not only taste.Eat healthy and become fit anytime.

12.If you are at home and wants to treat your lips naturally at home than try to apply one of them ingredients to make your lips soft, shiny and beautiful throughout the year not only in winter season.

Glycerin:-Glycerin is a very effective ingredient to apply on lips as well as whole skin to prevent your lips from dryness and cracks.

Whole milk cream:-If you have whole milk cream that are also beneficial for your lips.Apply whole milk cream on your lips before going to bed that makes your lips more beautiful and shiny.

Almond oil:- Almond oil is also one of the best remedy for skin and lips.Apply almond oil directly on your lips or add some honey in it.

Coconut oil:-Coconut oil is also a great ingredient to treat your chapped,cracked,dry lips faster.

Aloe vera gel:-If you have aloe vera gel at home just apply it on your lips.It has bitter taste that helps you in leaving habit of lip licking and are profitable in paining lips.


Above written content,tips to take care of your lips in winter season is knowledge based article to protect your lips from cracks, chapped,dryness and even by pains.The content is written on the research and knowledge of the author. Before applying any one remedy be sure about what is suitable for your lip skin.
Thank you for reading.

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