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Simple ways to stop hair loss!!

Simple ways to stop hair loss !

Hair loss is become a common problem now a days.7 out of 10 people is facing the problem of hair fall.It is because of excessive pollution and toxic present in environment. This problem is common in both male and female.A person with hair fall become very much worry about hair baldness in future.


Today,I suggest some common measure precautions to “stop hair loss”in both male and female.I don’t want to make it too difficult and unusual treatment that are waste of time and money with no result.


Here are some simple steps that I follow and get result,that my hair fall problem comes under control with in a month..


1.You have make your diet proper!

Many doctor’s and researchers proved that the problem of hair fall mostly occurs from hormonal deficiencies,Lack of proper diet etc .You should make your diet in a proper ways that whatever you are taking,that plate is full of vitamins and essential minerals like vitamin E, omega3 etc. Because these are good sources  of vitamin which is good for hair growth and control hair fall problem.


2.Clean Your hair Everyday!

As I already mentioned above that our environment is full of harmful particles and toxic,dust and pollution etc.that move with air throughout the day and stick to our body parts also.If you wash your clothes everyday as they got dirty why not your “hair”. Wash your hair properly and comb it very well to take out some harmful dust which might damage your hair scalp and Causes many scalp problem.


3.Use best products for your hair!

Today,lots of cosmetic products for hair care are available in the market. Many people instead of choosing  best one for them they go through  advertising of products done by some popular celebrities. But every time this is not true that a ad shown by a celebrity is real. They get paid and you are wasting your money for that ads and choose a wrong product.So be careful about that and try to pick a right product whatever you use i.e shampoo,conditioner,hair oil etc.


4.Give your scalp and hair massage!

Today,in the running time people don’t have enough time to look after their health well.That is a big problem also.But I suggest to take a simple oil massage twice or thrice a week.Which might help to keep your scalp cool and removes impurities and harmful chemicals comes from air to your scalp.It also helps to make your mind cool and you feel relaxed which is good for your brain.It also closes open pores of hair roots and make hair strong and fast hair growth.


5.Drink plenty of water everyday!

It is found a common problem in both males and females that they don’t drink enough water which is necessary and required by body Drinking huge amount of water is very good for health as well as hair.It prevents hair dryness and lack of water deficiencies as well.
Most people drink limited amount of water which makes your forehead heat and it starts oil comes out from hair roots and hair roots become weak and leads to hair thining problem.So try to drink water as much as you can.



The tricks and steps I mentioned above are not so hard and costly and these are facts of hair and scalp problems. So if you are also one of them who are facing the problem of hair fall,start doing these from today. I am sure it will gives you result in few weeks. And these are very cheap and common treatments which will definitely solve your problem if you follow them regularly with patience.




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