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What is menstrual cycle?Meaning,problems,symptoms,calculator

Menstrual cycle

What is menstrual cycle?Meaning, problems, symptoms,calculator

Do you want to know about your Menstrual Cycle and it’s related symptoms?Let’s begin

When a girl become grow and hits her puberty,things start to change.But the puberty starts varies in different persons.It can start early at the age of 10 and late at least upto 16 is usually normal.At the time of puberty, body of females starts to produce a new set of harmones.

These harmones sends signals to body, some of them change the shape of female body and some may prepare the body for pregnancy every month.Each month,one of the ovarles releases an egg-a process called ovulation.

If ovulation takes place and the egg isn’t fertilized,the lining of the uterus sheds through thee vagina.This is menstrual period.

The Menstrual Cycle (MC) is a series of natural processes according to which our body goes through.

During the period cycle,the level of harmones rise and fall,depending on which stage of one’s menstruation are going on.

These harmones can also affect the mood and energy level of the body.

The length of a menstrual cycle can vary from 23 days to 35 days.

Every female has different body structure,so the length of menstrual cycle may be shorter or longer and not all menstrual cycles are regular and sometimes it might be light or heavy,painful or pain free, long or short.

Menstrual cycle

How to track menstrual cycle?

Phase 1
To find out your normal menstrual cycle,start keeping a record of menstrual cycle on a calender.Begin by tracking the start date every month for several months in a row to identify the regularity of periods.The first day of period is the start of menstrual cycle. The main reason is,a female might experience menstrual cramps during the first days of periods is that the uterus lining breaks down and sheds.

Phase 2
After the last day of periods,the female body prepares for ovulation.Here the harmone is called follicle-stimulating harmone (FSH) stimulates the ovaries to produce a matured egg.

This maturing process estrogen,which makes the lining of the uterus thicken with nutrients and blood,so it will be able to provide the egg with the suppport it needs in case of pregnancy.

Phase 3
During ovulation,the matured egg is finally released into a fallopian tube and travels to the uterus.

The egg might survives for 12-24 hours.During this time,if it comes in the contact with sperm,it will be fertilized.

So it needs to keep in mind that during these days it is more chance to become pregnant for a woman.

Phase 4
After the egg has travelled down to fallopian tube it gets into the womb.

The body starts to produce a new harmone called progesterone.This harmone will make sure the uterus keeps building up it’s lining.

But if the egg is not fertilized,levels of estrogen and progrestarone drop.The uterus does not need to maintain the nutritous lining it build up so it starts to break it down.

The thick lining and blood that was built up during the menstrual cycle will leave the female body.

This is the process off menstruation and it means that new cycle begins.

During the period be sure to use a period product that should be comfortable with.

Try to use a pad that might be comfortable or menstrual cup made of medical grade silicon(no bleaches, perfumes or any other chemicals).

Problems affect a female during menstrual cycle

1. During menstruation,a female feels low on energy and have aches or pains.Try to consult a doctor for the first time or take the help of any elder member like mother,sister or any lady in home.

2. The estrogen levels start to rise and a female might find herself to being in a better mood and having more energy.

During this process some females might notice more discharge (clear or white sticky mucus).This is normal and it will be fine after girls period.

3. During this process a female’s body might feel a boost of energy and more inspiration.

Some might also feel an increase in their sex drive.Because the body produces high levels of estrogen.

4. Due to the rise in progestrone the stress level can be incresae sometimes and the body might feel moodier during the process.

One may also feel easily irritated,can experience some sadness or anixious feeling.A female can also feel more sensitive or sore in her breast.

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Why menstrual cycle sometimes become irregular?

It is possible and normal to come irregular menstruation in some females.

The girls whose periods just started or the women who reaches to her age of end of menstruation,they should have more chance of irregular menstruation.

A women period should be vary according to her situations.

In some situations,the chance of irregular menstruation should take place.Let see what are they….

a) Chronic diseases,some type of harmonal diseases (for ex:Policistick ovary syndrome,thyroid problems etc.)

b) Internal ovary diseases,pollipse,problems or disease in vagina or vaginal cancer etc.are the reasons that decrease or increase the chance or irregular menstruation.(sometimes some females have twice mentruation in a month)

c) If the weight of a female is more or less than the normal body weight.

d) Problems related to diet or nutrition.Improper diet may cause the problem of irregular mentruation.

e) More exercise of hard without rest or break.


g) Certain Medications (for ex:contraceptic pills or injections)

h) At the time of breast feeding to new born child

Symptoms of menstrual cycle

If someone feel any of the problems mentioned below,that immidietly consult a doctor…

a) If the age of a girl is 16 and still don’t started menstruation

b) If the menstrual cycle is suddenly became irregular

c) Blood flow from vagina just after sex

d) If any female’s menstruation has completely stopped and again started after one year,than it is better to consult a doctor

e) If a woman feel pain at the age of 40 or than that during menstruation

f) If the menstrual cycle is less than 21 days or more than 35 days apart

g) If the periods is stays for longer or the bleeding is more than 7 days

h) More pain or stomach pain during periods

i) If a woman is less than 45 years old and her periods stopped till one year and she is not pregnant

j) If someone suddenly get a fever and feel sick after using tampons

Some common questions related to menstrual cycle

A woman should not be pregnant during menstruation?

This is a wrong thinking by the people.A woman can be pregnant at the time of menstrual cycle too.

Those females who have menstraul periods is less tha 28 days have more chance to become pregnant during menstrual cycle.

Is it possible to have sex during periods?

Most of the people don’t like to have sex during periods.But it possible to have sex with your partner during periods if it done with some safety measurements.

It also provides relief from swalling in the body.some reaserches found that sex during periods provide relief from pain.

Cotton should not be used during periods?

Most of the people believe that unmarried girls should avoid using cotton during pregnancy.

Some beliefs are also that if an unmarried girl uses cotton that means she is loosing her virginity.

But in reality virgin means who never having sex with anyone before.

So in this case using of cotton during periods and loosing virginity,they don’t have any relation with each other.

Menstrual cycle

How to use Menstrual Period Calculator?

It is quite simple process.Just 3 steps to calculate the next period and the menstrual cycle using MomJunction period calculator.Also,download customised menstrual calender for year.

a) Enter the first day of your last menstrual period.

b) Enter the average length of the mensrual cycle

c) Average duration of the last period.

If once all the above information shared,the period calculator will share the following menstrual date for a year, fertility calender,ovulation phase,fertile phase and estimated due date.

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The above inforations are collected and researched by the author from the internet and also from personal research.

If any thing is mising information or wrong is there,the owner is not liable in any case.

If anyone feel the problems written above related to menstrual cycle,it is advisable to consult a doctor or gain more informations from other sources.

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