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What is Premature Ejaculation?causes and symptoms

What is Premature Ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation“is an uncontrolled  ejaculation either before or within a very short time while sex.It is a type of problems that most people face in their life before the age of 40.This may create a problem in marriage life a couple as they have lack of enjoyful satisfied sexual life.

Premature ejaculation may effects married life of a couple and also decreases the confidence on male and feel them guilty about what they are.Most of the people gets frustrated due this problem and takes some unnecessary steps to cure the problem that are more harmful and dangerous in their future.

But this is not the end of your life.You have to be confident and be sure that it is a common problem that is facing many people like you.

According to medical science,If a male discharge within 60 seconds (approx.1 minute) in the begining of sex with his female partner,that is known as “premature ejaculation”.But the actual time of discharge or ejaculation is not mentioned yet.How much time a person is able stay without ejaculation must be depends on his physical and mental health.

Here one thing also have to notice that it is not important that every quick discharge in male while sex is called premature ejaculation. This problem is not actual sexual problem and sometimes  it might cause due to mental stat of mind of any particular person. About 95% cases are found in man due to lack of proper sexual knowledge and fear of fake rumours related to ejaculation that comes in mind while begining of sex.

Early ejaculation is also called common sexual disorder in male but if it not treated within a period than it may cause more sexual disorders that is more harmful for one’s marriage life.

There  are two types premature ejaculation:-1.lifelong (or primary) and acquired(or secondary).

1.Lifelong PE starts early on,it is mostly cause because of first contact of sex in teenagers and also due to bad habits of early life (like masturbating habits to ejaculate fast as possible due to caught etc.).It might very hard to treat and has deep physiological causes.

2.Acquired PE happens later in life and is usually triggered by either physiological 0(stress or other related issues) or physical causes ( like sugar, cholesterol problem or high BP).

Causes of premature ejaculation

The exact cause of early ejaculation isn’t known yet.some times it may be physiological thought,doctors now believe that ejaculation is involves a complex interaction of physiological and biological factors.

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Physiological causes

Physiological factors that cause early ejaculation as shown below :-

Sexual experience in early stage:-As already discussed above that teenagers who uses to masturbate or comes in sexual contact for small age have seen ejaculation problems in life.

Sexual Abuse :- Many children are suffered by sexual abuse at a very early stage of life that may change their physiological thoughts and can’t able to express their feelings to anyone.

Poor health:- As,we know that a healthy mind comes from a healthy body.If you have lack of a good physical and mental stability than can cause the problem.

Mental depression:- Depression is a very strong devil to your body. when some people are not mentally strong and get depressed whole day long have lots of problem related to sex and health.

Fear of PE :- Some guys who has bad habit to masturbate or the have the problem of early discharge while sex has fear that he suffering from PE because of some fake rumours about PE.

Masturbation:-masturbation is a very common self satisfaction process in teenagers.But due to lack of proper knowledge about masturbation and to provide quick sex satisfaction many guys rich to their level and do faster.That gives  enjoyment to mind but it is harmful for penis as it is hold tightly.The nerves present in penis have pressed and becomes defected and later it creates problem in normal blood flow in penis and causes quick ejaculation before you get ready for sex.

Excitement:-In today’s modern world huge popularity of pornography is catching the minds of people.Watching porn and nudes might create wrong interactions in mind and as a result during intercourse male becomes quick excited and become the patient of pe.

Neuropathy:- Neuropathy word describes  unhealthy eating or diseases in body like smoking, alcohol, drugs, chewing of unhealthy things and disease like diabetes and disgestion related problems also leaves negative effects on body that weakens is also occurs due to weak nerves present in penis.

Sex technique:- Premature ejaculation sometime occurs due to use of other sex methods like oral sex, excess foreplay etc. Sometimes hurry sex without lubricating is also erect penis and as a result quick discharge occurs.


Premature Ejaculation is a common sexual problems in male and can be treated.If a male ejaculate within a minute  while sex is suffering from the problem of ejaculation and have to consult a doctor or medical expert soon. The article is written just for knowledge to avoid fake rumours about ejaculation to avoid fear.
Thank you for reading.

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