4 February is celebrating as world cancer day.

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4 February is celebrating as world cancer day


World Cancer Day is marked on February 4 to raise awareness of cancer,its treatment and to encourage methods of prevention.The primary goal of World Cancer Day is to reduce the illness and related death by 2020.World Cancer Day is founded by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) to support the goals mentioned in the world Cancer day Declaration,2008.

The Cancer has recently been recognized by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as the leading cause of global morbility.

Currently there is a serious push for urgent action to reduce the rate iof premature cancer deaths on a global scale as estimated 8.8 million deaths from cancer every year,while cancer leaders,health professionals and supporters across the world call for diagnostic and treatment across to be prioritized.[1]

Low to middle income countries are bearing a burnt of that burden. Approx.70 percent of cancer deaths occur in developing countries,which are the most ill-equipped to cope with this burden.The starkest area of inequity relates to childhood cancer -with survival rates over 80 percent in high income countries and low as 20 percent in low income countries.

Inequities are also experienced acutely in high to middle income countries, particularly within certain demographics,including indigenous, immigrant,refugee,rural,and lower socioeconomic populations.

World Cancer Day is inaugrated on 4 February sunday

One of the initiatives run to help those with cancer is #NoHairSelfie.It is a global movement that encourages “hairticipants”to shave their heads as a symbol of courage for those undergoing the treatment. One can either opt to physically shave their heads or virtually showcase it and share it on social media.

#NoHairSelfie is then shared on social media making him huge on February 4 celebrating as World Cancer Day.

“the global target is a 25 percent reduction in premature deaths from cancer and non-cummunicable diseases (NCDs) by 2025.This was a target set in 2011 by thw World Health Organisation (WHO) to cut premature NCD deaths by 25 percent within 14 years.

It is almost 7 years since this target was set by the WHO.To meet this target requires more action than ever to close the inequality in access to prevention,diagnosis,treatment and care”,

worldcancerday.org spearheads many compains and events on World Cancer Day to raise awareness on cancer.Their theme or tagline for World Cancer Day 2016-2018 is ‘We can.I can’.Their website reads, “World Cancer Day 2016-2018 will explore how everyone-as a collective or indivisuals-can do their part to reduce the global burden of cancer”.It says cancer affects everyone in different ways,all people have the power to take various actions to reduce the impact it has on those suffering from it.

It also says,’World Cancer Day is a chance to reflect on what you can do, make a pledge and take action.Whatever you choose to do ‘We can.I can’.make a difference to the fight against cancer”.

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