Hello Friends, My Name is Vivek Guru, I am From India. I am the founder of this website thegurutricks.com. 

I am very much pleased to share my ideas, hobbies and my passion with the world. I am very passionate and proud of what I am doing. I don’t want to work under any human and don’t want any boss on my head. I want to spend my life independently.  Let talk about more on this website .. I formed this website in 2017 because I have too much interest in reading and writing and also I am health conscious too. When I was working in a medical store, I had seen lots of problems and diseases people are suffering from and they don’t have any idea about how they affected from. But I knew it very well because I learned it already. One day I saw a  poor women came to our shop for medicine but she has less money and my owner refused to give her medicine. She requested but my owner refused to give than I  paid that amount and bought medicine from the store and give it to the lady. I felt very sorry for her and much more angry at my owner. And that day I decided to share my knowledge free of cost and effective treatments at a cheap price and I started this website and start writing about treatments, benefits, and side effects etc.
vivek guru