Benefits Of Tamarind (Imli) For Health, Hair And Skin

benefits of tamarind

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Benefits Of Tamarind For Health, Hair, And Skin


benefits of tamarind


Flavor, fixing, and beans – the tart tamarind is available in the rundown of kitchen basics in every one of these structures. Unarguably a sense of taste satisfying organic product, trust this little virtuoso to add a scrumptious flavor to your dishes. However, the tamarind benefits go past simply being a kitchen staple. It very well may be utilized to revive and patch up your skin and hair.


It tends to be utilized to enhance your absorption and battles both, clogging and looseness of the bowels well. It is amazingly useful for your heart as it brings down your LDL cholesterol and furthermore goes about as a blood more slender.

It is useful for the course and can bring down your general circulatory strain. It can enhance your nerve and muscle work. It is useful for weight reduction and is a decent solution for diabetes as it can control your sugar levels. It has solid calming properties and can support your invulnerable framework. It can likewise shield you from basic microbial and contagious contaminations.


The absolute best advantages of tamarind incorporate weight reduction, security against malignancy, and enhanced stomach related wellbeing. Stuffed with arranged nutrients, for example, Vitamin C; cell reinforcements, including carotene; and minerals, for example, magnesium and potassium, this soft natural product is a storage facility of supplements.

So, if you’re yet to try and ‘taste’ this amazing ingredient, here are the top most tamarind benefits!

What Is Tamarind?

benefits of tamarind

Scientific Name – Tamarindus indica

Tamarind is a fruit that tastes sweet and sour and has a lot of health benefits.

Origin – Africa

Other Names – Imli (Hindi), chintapandu (Telugu), tetul (Bengali), amli (Gujarati), chinch (Marathi), hunase (Kannada), vaalanpuli (Malayalam) and tamuru hindiun (Arabic)


Initially, this fruit used to grow in the hot regions of Africa. The sweet tamarind fruit grows atop extremely tall trees of the ‘fabaceae family’ (the family that includes peas and other legumes). The cultivation of tamarind has now spread to most of the warmer, drier regions of Mexico and Asia, including India and Sri Lanka.


It has a tart-sweet taste that is loved by Indian nationals worldwide. No wonder it has carved a special place for itself in the Indian kitchens in the form of chutneys, digestive candies, pickles, and more.


Nutritional benefits of Tamarind


Tamarind is a rich wellspring of nutrients, fiber, potassium, magnesium, and different supplements vital or great wellbeing. The mash is wealthy in calcium, phosphorus, iron, thiamine and riboflavin and a decent wellspring of niacin.


In a 100 g of tamarind, you will discover 239 calories. It has an aggregate starch content for 62.5 g, out of which there is 57.4 g of sugar and 5.1 g of dietary fiber. It has 0.6 g of fat in it and 2.8 g of protein. It has 28 mg of sodium and 628 mg of potassium in it.


Tamarinds additionally have large amounts of tartaric corrosive (in this manner the tart taste), a ground-breaking cancer prevention agent that can help search destructive free radicals from the framework. Alternate phytochemicals present in tamarind incorporate limonene, geraniol, safrole, cinnamic corrosive, pyrazine, methyl salicylate, and alkyl thiazoles.

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It additionally contains a considerable measure of nutrients and minerals. Out of the suggested day by day measurement for every one of the accompanying, tamarind has 4% of nutrient C, 5% of nutrient B-6, 7% of calcium, 22 % of iron, 26% of magnesium, 1% of zinc and 16% of phosphorus. It doesn’t have nutrient A, D, or B-12. Because of the immense assortment of nourishment that is found in this natural product, you can wager that it will effectively affect your wellbeing the moment you begin taking it.


Benefits Of Tamarind For Health

benefits of tamarind


1. Tamarind leaves are to a great degree helpful in treating consumers. The delicate tamarind leaves are kept in a pot, secured and afterward warmed over a flame. The consumed leaves are then finely powdered and sieved to expel any abrasive particles. This glue is then blended to gingili oil and connected everywhere throughout the consumed zone. The blend is exceptionally viable over the consumed territories and gives alleviation from the injury inside a couple of days.


2. It’s useful for absorption

Tamarind is useful for your stomach related framework because of two fundamental reasons. First of all, it is a decent purgative, which implies that it invigorates the solid discharges and discharge. Besides, it likewise has high dietary fiber content, which helps build up the stool, making it simpler for it to move around.


Thus, your stomach related framework is kept clean. Besides, with sound and standard assimilation, your stomach and different organs don’t have to emit a huge amount of acids and bile to separate the nourishment. It ensures the stomach lining and can keep torment ulcers and aggravations from occurring.


3. It’s useful for course

Tamarind is additionally truly adept at animating blood course. It is amazingly wealthy in iron and has only one serving of tamarind can furnish you within any event 10% of the suggested everyday measurements required. Press is to a great degree useful for your blood. It guarantees that you have enough red platelets in your body, which enables every one of your organs and muscles to work well.

Having enough iron in your framework can enable you to battle against paleness and every one of the side effects that accompany it, for example, cerebral pains, shortcoming, weakness, intellectual issue, and stomach issues.


4. It advances weight reduction


Nowadays, the world is completely fixated on weight reduction. With the web and all the data on it being so effectively open, an ever-increasing number of individuals invest their energy finding out about the diverse medical issues that can accompany weight or being overweight. This is the reason everybody needs to lose a portion of that additional weight. Thus, there are numerous eating regimens and drugs accessible in the market to help you.


In any case, they can be greatly unsafe for your body as you can either wind up causing a supplement inadequacy or taking meds that will at last mischief your framework. This is the reason swinging to characteristic fixes is the best thought.


Tamarind is known to advance weight reduction. This is on the grounds that it is rich in hydroxycitric corrosive (HCA), which is known to restrain a catalyst in the body that stores all the fat. It can likewise enable you to stifle your craving as it expands the measure of serotonin in your framework.


5. Boosts The Immune System

As referenced before, tamarind has a high substance of nutrient C, which alongside different cancer prevention agents, helps watch your cells and organs from remote body attack, shielding you from a few ailments. Moreover, tamarind has mitigating, antimicrobial, antiviral, disinfectant, and antipyretic properties that guide in boosting your insusceptibility.6. Blood Purification

This pulpy and rich fruit is full of essential minerals, dietary fiber, and vitamin C, all of which help in the purification of blood.

As mentioned earlier, the antioxidants present in tamarinds actively scavenge the free radicals, thus oxidizing and purifying your blood.

Hence, including tamarind in daily meals is extremely beneficial.


7. It helps against infections

Tamarind also has antimicrobial properties which means that it can help protect you against microbial and fungal infections. It has antiseptic properties and can, therefore, reduce the number of parasites in your body. Furthermore, tamarind is also a good cure for intestinal worms, especially in small children. It is excellent for your overall health.

8. It is also very useful for the skin

A poultice prepared out of the tamarind leaves crushed in water is quite helpful in healing inflamed parts of the joint and ankles. When applied to the joints, it helps in reducing the swelling and pain. Tamarind has been used to cure sore throats since ages


Tamarind Benefits For Hair

benefits of tamarind

We all envy those models in the hair product commercials for their long and lustrous hair, don’t we?
While I wouldn’t recommend you trust those ads, you can always trust natural and homemade products. Read on to know how you can use tamarind for your hair:

9. Anticipates Hair Loss

Splash a lemon-sized wad of tamarind in water for 10 minutes. Concentrate the fluid and back rub it everywhere on your scalp and hair. Plunge a towel in warm water and crush out the additional water. Utilize this hot towel to cover your hair and scalp. Abandon it on for thirty minutes.


Flush off completely with a decent cleanser, and line it up with a conditioner. This can be rehashed two times per week to anticipate male pattern baldness. Tamarind is known to fortify your hair and avert male pattern baldness. Utilize this pack and test it for yourself.


10. Helps Treat Oily And Greasy Scalp

The sleek scalp is the reason for various hair issue, including dandruff and balding. Controlling the sebum creation in the scalp is a standout amongst other answers for getting parade commendable hair. Trust tamarind mash to do that for you!

Blend tamarind mash, buttermilk, and olive oil to frame a smooth glue. Apply this glue on your hair and tenderly back rub for 5-10 minutes. Give the pack a chance to remain on for an additional 15 minutes. On the off chance that it’s as well runny, wear a plastic top.


Wash it off utilizing warm water and a gentle cleanser. Rehash this procedure once consistently to dispose of the oil from your scalp. Utilize the accompanying pack to dispose of the oiliness from your scalp inside no time.

Tamarind Benefits For Skin


benefits of tamarind

Wondering what will happen if you apply tamarind topically to your skin?

11. Lightens Your Skin

Prolonged exposure to the sun, as well as dust and pollution, takes a toll on our skin. Dull and dry skin, check. Tanning, check. Uneven complexion, check. Clogged pores, check. Name any skin problem, and it can be traced back to the sun.

We can’t stop going out, but we can always take measures to lessen the impact. I’m talking about scarves, hats, and this easy-to-make skin lightening face pack.

For a bleach-like effect, go for a tamarind-lemon pack. Mix one teaspoon of tamarind extract with one teaspoon each of lemon and honey. Apply this mixture to your face and wash it off after 15 minutes for visibly lighter skin.

Soak the tamarind pulp in hot water for 10 minutes. Extract the pulp. Add a half teaspoon of turmeric powder to this extract. Apply the paste evenly on cleansed skin and leave it on for 15 minutes. Wash off with tepid water to reveal fairer and more radiant skin. This pack is ideal for oily skin and can be used up to 2 times a week.

12. Natural Skin Exfoliating Agent

Why go for costly cosmetic procedures and burn a hole in your pockets when you can get the same thing done at home for free?

That’s right. Look in your kitchen, especially the spice rack, and you will find tamarind that works great as a skin exfoliating agent.



This fruit is a wonderful source of alpha hydroxy acids (AHA), one of the major constituents of various leading exfoliating creams available in the market. They eliminate the dirt and impurities that lie deep inside the skin and unclog the clogged skin pores


While milk cream is ideal for dry skin, yogurt works well for oily skin. Mix the ingredients well. Mix one teaspoon of tamarind extract with one teaspoon of rock salt and one tablespoon of milk cream or yogurt.


Apply the mixture evenly on your face. Using your fingers, massage in gentle, circular motions for 5-7 minutes to eliminate the dead cells. Repeat this process twice a week for dirt-free happy skin.

13. Natural Remedy For Cellulite

Are you in search of a good, yet affordable exfoliating agent to eliminate cellulite from your body?

Tamarind could be your answer!

Just use the following mix religiously, and you will see the effects in a matter of weeks.

This remedy is only for people with oily skin.

Mix two teaspoons of fresh tamarind extract with one teaspoon each of sugar and lemon juice and half a teaspoon of baking soda. Mix the ingredients well.

Apply the paste on the skin and scrub gently in circular motions with a brush. Repeat this process twice a week for four-five weeks. This will lessen the visibility of cellulite. But, make sure you do it before you get your skin waxed as it could cause blisters.

14. Natural Skin Moisturizing And Toning Properties

Inconsistent, textured skin, barely recognizable differences, coarse and dull skin, mouth blisters, skin snugness – every one of these issues are on my winter skin burdens list. Those with everlastingly dry skin will most unquestionably identify with me.


A bowl of bubbled and cooled tamarind water can be utilized as a characteristic skin conditioning and saturating operator. Who realized a little bean can do as such a lot to reestablish the dampness!


Simply add 15 grams of tamarind to bubbling heated water and stew for around 15 minutes. Include 2 teaspoons of green tea to the water and stew for an additional 5 minutes. Strain both the fluids and blend well. Enable the blend to cool and apply.


This can be utilized as a characteristic skin conditioning and hydrating specialist. Utilize the accompanying pack once every week for a hydrated and crisp looking skin


15. Characteristic Anti-maturing Agent

Who doesn’t need their skin to stay imperishable until the end of time? The sole motivation behind why hostile to maturing items is such a hit.


As I would see it, going common is dependably the best answer for skin troubles.


Tamarind is stuffed with different acids, cancer prevention agents, fiber, and nutrients that battle the free radicals that reason untimely maturing.


Blend every one of the fixings to frame a fine glue. Apply this glue on crisply rinsed face. Give it a chance to remain for 10 minutes, or until the point when it dries. Wipe off the pack utilizing a delicate wipe.


Wash it off and towel-dry. Rehash this procedure on more than one occasion per week. Utilize this tamarind and semolina pack all the time to give your skin a brilliant and young look

Uses of Tamarind

benefits of tamarind


Aside from being utilized in homegrown drugs for all its medical advantages, tamarind has a huge amount of other incredible employment. The crude natural product can be dried and ground into a zest that can be utilized to season your sustenance. Tamarind can be made into jams and sauces. In a few sections of the world, tamarind is prepared and dried and transformed into a treat.


It is utilized in Indian and Asian cooking every now and again and is additionally usually utilized in soups and plates of mixed greens to include an additional flavor.


Numerous road nourishments in India are likewise enhanced with tamarind sauce or chutney. Tamarind can likewise be utilized as a fundamental oil.


Tamarind can be utilized to mix a tart flavor to different arrangements in Asian and Caribbean foods. While it is an unmistakable element of sambar, grouped chutneys, and rasam in South Indian food, it is utilized to plan stomach related confections and pickles in North India. Here are a couple of regular formulas with the utilization of tamarind.


Tamarind Side Effects

Each coin has opposite sides, and this is so valid on account of tamarind. It has certain hazard factors related to it, which, when disregarded, can make genuine harm your body. How about we investigate them:

Can respond with specific medications – Those taking headache medicine, ibuprofen, naproxen, blood thinners or anticoagulants ought to totally abstain from having tamarind as it builds the shot of dying.


An expanded danger of hypoglycemia – Tamarind, when taken in abundance, can cause a noteworthy fall in the glucose levels, prompting hypoglycemia. Never have in excess of 10 grams of this natural product in multi-day.


Sensitivity – Many individuals are excessively touchy to this organic product, which can result in rashes, tingling, spewing, and shortness of breath. Along these lines, I would recommend you check for sensitivities before expending this natural product.


Can harm the tooth veneer – Since it is very acidic in nature, tamarind can harm your teeth when taken in a huge amount.


Can prompt the development of gallstones – Another genuine reaction of escaping with the bit size of tamarind.


Can initiate heartburn – Tamarind ought not to be taken by the individuals who have visit episodes of heartburn as it is acidic and does nothing worth mentioning to your framework.


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